Monday, July 7, 2008

Swimmin with the fishes

Sweet Little Vance has a Bit of the " Jan Brady Syndrome"  but in this case it is always... Treyton, Treyton, Treyton!  We  had to dedicate a special night just for our beloved middle son- so he didn't start wearing a wig.... if you haven't seen that Brady Bunch episode you have no idea what I am talking about~ well go watch it cuz it is funny!
So we thought having a pizza party for him after he finished his swim lessons would be fun- 
He loved the idea and he told me he wanted a trophy... just like Treys baseball one-  fair enough-  being the semi- crafty mom... 
I made one out of stuff  from around the house;)

Papa and Mary... you guys Rock!!!

Auntie Heather we're loving ya!

Thanks Hannah and Joe!!!

Jacqui you are so great for coming.... we missed ya Andrew hope you guys won your game!

Thanks for making Vancey feel so special!!



lovevolving said...

Get outta town with that trophy. You ROCK Alicia. Rivey is so biiig!

Jig said...

it's all about the trophys and pizza da man vancey...olympics 2024

The Longs said...

too cute...and i cant believe th trophy you made...your super mom!!

i wish we could have come to celebrate with vance and his fish!

twll him i said "woo hoo" and "congrats"

Meg said...

So funny, I love it. Wish I could have been there for the 'ceremony'. :) Let me know when another comes up and I'll do my best to get down there! Love you guys!

Danielle said...

wow! nice trophy! the brady bunch reference was totally cracking me

Jessica said...

What are you talkin' about...semi-crafty my a**!!! You are ALWAYS so creative! A+ on that project! Tell him the Burgdorfs say "congrats"!