Monday, January 4, 2010

Party Time.. Excellent

Happy New Years Everyone!!
We had a very eventful night with the boys at home:) since we didn't have a baby sitter... we decided to have a house dance party. We got all dressed up and pushed the furniture back and made all sorts of yummy snacks. The kids thought is was so fun that we had "hors devours" for dinner and got to drink cider out of fancy glasses:) we dance from 6 til really late... like 9PM :) River was passed out and the boys were in there jammies by ten. I promised they could stay up but both were out by 11:30 ... as was I:) we are party animals!

And we all know when the cheese ball is gone the party is OVER!

The Youngs wish everyone a healthy and happy new year and a shout out to my pal Jig who has to share is birthday with new years day... happy birthday buddy:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas ya'll!

The Young Family Five headed up to Tahoe after much debate... we were not looking forward to the 9 hour drive with the boys. Of course... we are so glad we went... we had so much fun.
We got in late at night and saw these little guys... they were just welcoming us I guess:) River was diggin 'em and barking at them. We tried to tell him there weren't dogs but he didn't seem to care.

and once we got settled the grandparents presented this... we might be the last people on earth without one! The kids were just a "little" excited :)

And when we woke we saw this:)

This a view from the back yard... u can see where that fire was a few years ago:(

Nana set up all the kids with ginger bread house kits... River did the best job... he just ate everyones candy

Alec.. he is getting soo big!

That night was Jeremy and my anniversary... yep two days before christmas... dont even ask.. we eloped:) Nana baby sat and we were free for the night! yay!

We introduce River to snow. He loved it and ate it and got so cold and wanted to leave it:)

Auntie Nicole and perfect puppy Hanna!

The big boys meaning Jeremy and Uncle Phil built a sledding hill in the back yard but of course it wasn't just a sledding hill... the boys were riding on wheel-less skate boards down ...

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house then off to Nicole's before Santa gets there:)

Hooray! Santa did come even though we were all on the naughty list!

I was hoping for a better shot but this is what they look like in the morning:)

Baby loves his Uncle Phil and Hanna

After a great morning it was a wonderful christmas dinner ... My grandma joined us I didn't get a pics but we were so excited she came! We love you Grandma Sandy!

Nicole and phil are the best hosts ever!

Thanks Nana and Papa for taking such good care of us and talking us into coming... it was exactly where we needed to be;)