Sunday, June 22, 2008

First week of Summer!

Now ... Jeremy made this quesadilla tonight... can you find the stick-man skier?  :) we were laughing so hard.. we had to share it!

We started this first week of Summer with strawberry picking in Watsonville at the Giztich Ranch with the Hurley family! We had such a great time!  Thanks guys!
We also got to hang out with my very pregnant Friend Krystal!
The boys had a great time at the pool! Krystal was set to go into the hospital this coming Wednesday but Baby Noah decided to come a bit early - So congrats to Krystal and Jason!  Baby Noah is beautiful!!

This week was hot... so hot!! For Santa Cruz hot is 90 but this week we were at 104 !  Things cooled off a few days later (thank goodness) and we joined the Martins and their family at the beach- 
when we got there it was overcast and raining! There was a beautiful lighting show (we stayed out of the water at that point!)  but when the clouds passed it was great! 
perfect since it was Baby River's first day ever at the beach! 

We ended the weekend with a Super Star Wars b-day party!  the kids had a great light saber battle! Happy B-day  Frank!

Friday, June 13, 2008

No more pencils no more books..

Schools out for Summer!  The last week has been busy! Trey was in a play The Little Red Hen- He was a narrator! He seemed to be having fun up on the stage:) 
Vance, Rivey and I went to the "last day party"  which was an ice cream party (like my kids need more ice cream!)   Thank you so much Kristin ( class mom) for all that you did! You helped us out so much! Can't wait to hang out with you and Sophia this summer!
( this is Treyton's G/F  Sophia! Don't tell him I told you :)

I cant believe it has been a year already- time sure flies!
After school ended we had to see Vancey's Girlfriends, Sophie and Kylie (sisters!)
Vance is in love with both of them! Quite the love triangle!
River slept thru most of the day... like everyday!

Last days of Baseball!

Oh what a great, wonderful and long season and it has now come to a close- Treyton was loving all the games - He is already talking about next season! Thanks to all our great friends and family for coming out and cheering -  Thanks to Our great Coach Rob!  Thanks to Jill for being such a great team mom! and all the parents and rookie Giants, you guys are Awesome!!

We ended the season with a ice cream party-  Thanks to Mary!!! Your Ice cream Factory rocks!!! Oh ya and  Hooray to Jack and Mary for getting engaged!             

We are so happy for you two!  We cant wait for you , Andra, Claudio and Luke to join our family!!!    

Other Great baseball news... I wanted to congratulate my nephew Joe for the winning hit at his play off game! Seriously the most exciting game I have ever seen.... If I haven't told you the story remind me cuz it is awesome and so is he! 


Daniel's 30th!

Well All of Jeremy's friends seem to be turning 30 so we have been on the party train! Our good friend Daniel or "Sandals" as Vancey calls him- turned 30 on Treyton's birthday-  But since that loser was in Hawaii  on that day, we had to party last weekend in our back yard- Thanks to Jacqui and Andrew for hooking us all up with some great food and to Mandy and Matt for bringing drinks and the Corn Hole game... yikes I hate the name but it seems to be fun to play;)  As all the kids were heading home Tim and Linda stopped my which is always fun- thanks guys!                                                                                         
Yay make a wish Sandals

Jeremy loves his buddies 
Andrew loves the ladies

 baby loves to party!  (*note Baby was in bed by 9:30)

Jeremy is up passed his bed time!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lucky number 7

It was June 3rd 2001 at 12:25 pm in South Lake Tahoe... our 1st little guy was born- I fell in love with him  before I even met him- Months before he was born I felt his first kick - as a first time pregnant woman, I was tripped out! I had read all the books, chapter after chapter about that first kick- some compare it to a butterflies, I  thought there was no explaining it with words-
I realized at that moment... my life would be changed forever- yes I knew when I found out I was pregnant my life would be different but it didn't sink in till I felt him- After that he kicked so much I couldn't remember how it felt to NOT be kicked from the inside- He moved so much he was like an alien and he was going to just break thru  my belly one day!
Fortunately my sister had a son the year before... So she assured me he would not come out that way;)  I was so nervous and anxious about meeting him-  I ended up getting induce on June 2nd - two weeks before my due day date-  and on june 3rd after 11 hours of labor  with my mom Cindi, sister Nicole and sister in- law Heather supporting me and Jeremy, Treyton Empire Young joined our little family- I remember right after I delivered him I started crying and I looked up at my mom and said I don't know why I am crying I am so happy! she looked at me and said... of course you are crying... you're crying CUZ you are happy- It was strange I guess I had never had a reason to feel that way before- 
so much has happened since that day, but I remember it like it was yesterday- I was so scared and excited to be a new mom,  he was my world- Even at 20 years old I knew then being a mom was the reason I was put on this earth- It wasn't always easy, So Jeremy got great at giving me breaks after he worked all day - Waking up with Treyton when he was crying - He would stay up with him for hours humming on his belly till he fell asleep- then getting up for work two hours later- all just so I could get some rest! Treyton liked sleeping during the day and not at night!  Eventually he figured it out and gave us  a sleep filled night..maybe two years later!

Treyton was an amazing baby and is now and amazing kid- Jeremy and I are so proud of the person he has become - I could go on and on with stories about Trey... but I will just say Happy birthday to a wonderful little boy who has the world at his finger tips- I see nothing but great things in your future-  We love you!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Spy vs Spy

Saturday we had Treyton's Spy birthday party-   We had 13 lil secret agents join us at the "Secret Location"- we had the kids sign next to their new code name and finger printed - They were given a name tag with their new identity with the id picture Trey drew of them 

I also  took a  picture of them in disguise

       Agent Night Fox
     Agent Spider Monkey
 Agent Sleepy Bear
  Agent Tricky Tiger
  Agent Pretty Pony
    Agent Black Dog
   Agent Lovely Ladybug
  Agent White Hawk
  Agent Soaring Eagle
   Agent Bright Butterfly
  Agent Daring Dragon
  Agent Leapin Lizard
  Agent  Sliver Snake
 Agent King Cobra

we played dont drop the bomb... Spider Monkey (Vance) had a hard time understanding to "pass" the bomb to the music- It got exciting at the end when Night Fox's (Treyton) cousins Pretty Pony (Hannah) and Black Dog (Joe) were duking it out! Pretty Pony won!        


we played a memory game I was quite impressed with the all the kids on that one - Soaring Eagle (frank) won -We played Spy-mon says (simon says)  which was pretty funny since I was Spy-mon ! Tricky Tiger (Alec) was the winner! Hooray to all the lil spy kids!          

Thanks to all our friends and family for coming! Thanks to all my family who couldnt make it and sent cards! Trey loved them!  Thanks Mama for all your help! you are the best
I really want to thank the cute pregnant Krystal and her husband Jason for stopping by! 
I send my good upside down baby thoughts to you! 
Hey Andrew...When you are with us River is always in your arms ...hmmm.... Jacqui, you better watch out he might have the baby fever:)