Friday, June 13, 2008

Daniel's 30th!

Well All of Jeremy's friends seem to be turning 30 so we have been on the party train! Our good friend Daniel or "Sandals" as Vancey calls him- turned 30 on Treyton's birthday-  But since that loser was in Hawaii  on that day, we had to party last weekend in our back yard- Thanks to Jacqui and Andrew for hooking us all up with some great food and to Mandy and Matt for bringing drinks and the Corn Hole game... yikes I hate the name but it seems to be fun to play;)  As all the kids were heading home Tim and Linda stopped my which is always fun- thanks guys!                                                                                         
Yay make a wish Sandals

Jeremy loves his buddies 
Andrew loves the ladies

 baby loves to party!  (*note Baby was in bed by 9:30)

Jeremy is up passed his bed time!


janelle said...

Oh when i visit we have to have one of these parties!

Daniel NSV said...

your blog is sweet. when janelle visits im coming to her party as well. But seriously folks I appreciate the love and going out of your way at my expense. Its nice to celebrate my b-day later then Treys so he doesnt steal the spotlight from me.