Monday, April 28, 2008

My 3 sons

  I finally got all three of them in one place!

Take me out to the ball game!

As assistant coach on Trey's baseball team, Jeremy has many responsibilities.. he is usually third base coach and tells the out fielders to stop kicking dirt and not to throw their hats around during the game:)  This  last Saturday  Jeremy was filling in as coach... it was so adorable!  So good job Jeremy dealing with the squirrely 6 year olds all by yourself;)


Sunday Jeremy and Trey went down to little league day in San Francisco at the Giants statium - They got to go down on the field and see the "Big guys" throwing the ball around. There was a parade around the field of all the little leaguers... Being a Giant  himself, Trey was loving all of it!  Thanks to Kerry David for hooking us up with the tickets - the seats were awesome!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He's growin up!

River is two months already!! I can't believe it has already been that long- We went to the baby doc this morn.. all is perfect!  He is 10 pounds and at 25 % all across the board  (for those who even know what that means;) I wonder if he will be tiny like Vance or football player like Trey was-Either way he is growing just fine! He is such a great baby- he is starting to get a lil personality! It is funny cuz I see how people can keep having more kids!  Slowly you forget the hard stuff and just look at that sweet lil face and think... maybe we could have just one more -  I think about all that love in my house- Then I think about all the other things...  I cant remember the last time I  took a shower, or had an uninterrupted phone conversation,  all  the cuts I have from stepping on legos and army guys! I kick myself and say what the heck am I thinking!!!!  We should just be happy for what we've got!    


Monday, April 21, 2008


Last week my family lost someone very important ... We send our love to Nicole and Phil and Alec... we will miss you Dawnetta!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Intro

Friends and Family~
   Since we are so busy
 these days...thought we would keep you updated on our fun filled family ! So here i
t goes...I am not Pregnant Anymore!!!! We had baby River - He w
as a  week and 1/2early (I appreciated that:)  He is smiling and getting fat - He is now almost 8 weeks and it has gone by soooo fast!  Vance and Trey are such great big bros. Vancey wants to talk about EVERY single thing the baby does or is gonna do ... he is in that phase of  narrating our whole day... I call him Sir Talks A Lot! He is so ready for pre school and will be going in the fall. Treyton is in baseball on the Giants (yay) and he is too cute. He loves 1st grade  even though he is counting down til summer break:) The boys will both be busy this summer with swim class and anything else I can stick them in so they can keep busy so they or really  ( I ) can have a good summer.
 Jeremy just turned 30!  Somehow I got it together enough to plan a little get together with most of his old school friends at a brewery  here in SC. I surprised him with the guest list so you should have seen his face when some friends he hadn't seen in  years walked up.  Thanks to my helpful father in law Jack for watching the big boys and hannah and Joe~ The baby got to join the party via  Baby Bjorn...   
As for me well - I feel I've got this three children thing down! Well  some days I do.I am getting great sleep.. thanks to a ultra sleepy head baby;) So I can actually say I am not totally insane... just borderline! So hooray for me!I am starting to feel like at the end of Doogie Howser with my blogging, so that is all for today
. I dont have a clever ending so bye and thanks for reading.
check back for updates!!!!!Much love!!!