Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snow Dayz (March 2011)

 We live Southern Cali so most would think we don't get to see the snow very much... but it just so happens Mt. Baldy is about 15 min from our house. They get a ton of snow up there so we get the best of both worlds... a warmer winter down at our house and the snow when we feel like being cold!

 We had a great time lunching and sledding on boogie boards. There was no one around and we had first tracks on the hill .It was Sergio's first time seeing snow and he was tripping! His lil paws got cold so he sat on the blanket... he's such a baby!

January & February (2011)

So the month of January was a blur to me... I was sick for 29 days straight... like really sick with
The Super Flu, So if anything did happen I wouldn't remember it anyways:)

Now February is a different story... I love this month. Not only cuz of valentines day ( I love making the valentines for the kids classes:)  but because it is Rivers birthday month! This year we didn't throw him a big party because I was so sick I couldn't plan one in time. We did do a small family one which was fine since he was turning 3 he really didn't seem to care if it was big or small as long as there was cake.

 Oh ya and it was Sergio's 3rd birthday too!!!

 We also had a great time making and giving out the valentines we made this year:) 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We have been really busy with life and I rarely get on the computer... so we are gonna play a lil catch up
Last December was a lot of fun!

Treyton wow-ed us with his perfect report card (yet again:) we are so proud!

Vance had a pajama themed christmas party in his kindergarten class.
He had such a good time with his best bud Diego. He couldn't stop talking about how cool it was to wear his pajamas to school. We LOVE his teacher Mrs. Brown, she did a wonderful job (as always) with the party... how she deals with all those kids on a daily basis baffles me... my kudos to all teachers... especially the kindergarten ones!

Sergio remains our favorite son:) and he learned how to play the piano:) j/k

We were so Lucky to have Papa Jack drive all the way down from Santa Cruz for 
a visit while Tutu was in Hawaii. 
It was nice since we stayed home this year and didn't 
get to see any other family over the holidays.
thanks Papa Jack!

We took him over to Bass Pro Shop... if you haven't been to one.. umm you need to go! 
it is the craziest outdoor gear/hunting/boating Mecca!
They had a super cool christmas section this year with games, crafts and
 the train the kids could play with the boys loved it

  Hello my name is Alicia, and I am a Christmas Crafting Addict.
I got crazy making these magazine trees... so fun!


We have THE BEST neighbors ever so the boys and I made  
a large amount of cookies and delivered them to all the people on our street... 
those who know me well... know that baking in NOT my thing 
but they turned out great *It was a Christmas Miracle*

This year we did something different.. I am a big fat full green tree lover I usually only like white lights and pretty glass ornaments.. River was still in the stage of touching/breaking everything so jeremy had a great idea to used some recycled wood to make a tree.  I used recycled paper for the
 garland, so if River ripped it I could just put more up.
 It turned out really well,  I even agreed to colored lights... they sorta grew on me:)

Sergio hated these things.. and yes I put them on him all month :)

We had a very fancy  candle lit Christmas dinner the boys even used glass plates.. well the big boys did:) if you have or know people who have boys you will know that this "fancy" dinner is not something we get often but they did a great job being reverent and keeping their elbows off the table..
 River only blew out the candles 700 times:)

This year was fun cuz River totally knows who Santa Clause is (he calls him Santa Cruz) and he calls Santa Cruz... Santa Clause :). He talked about  how he was gonna come down the chimney and bring him a jesse doll from Toy Story and he did...  when santa drank his milk and ate his cookies and the reindeer nibbled on their carrots River couldn't have been more jazzed! The excitement spewing from that lil guy was amazing... I wish I could bottle that up :)

The kids got everything they wanted and had a wonderful christmas! hope you all did too!!!

We had a GREAT new year's eve! We stayed home and had a dance party... with our pals Tori and Aeson. The lil guys were dancing fools. I was loving all the food... I am a  big fan of finger foods:)

 This is Vance "staying awake" for 12:00... poor guy missed it by a lil bit :)

Thank Tori and Aeson for coming to the sleep over New Years Style!! we love you guys!