Saturday, December 18, 2010

We give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
We usually go to Santa Cruz for this holiday but we couldn't make it up there this  year:( we were sooo sad.. but we were lucky cuz there was enough room at my brothers thanksgiving table for us! My mom and Dad were there too so it worked out well.
We made some Thanksgiving crafts including the headbands these dorky kids are wearing:)

My brother and My sis in law Kay made a wonderful dinner for us and we were so THANKFUL they had us over! (even Sergio got to come!) thanks Swalm family for everything you guys are the best!!

**** ps I want to give a shout out to Merissa and Niles Barry who had there beautiful Baby girl  Eden Autumn Barry ON Thanksgiving! we are so bummed we werent in the Cruz to meet her but we hope we can see her very soon!  Love you guys!!!

Not so dirty 30

Yes you heard right... I am now 30 years old!
I am not sure how this happened but it did and now I am starting a new decade.
It feels weird to say I am 30 since I never really got used to saying I was 29!
I  woke up (I got to sleep in!) on my special day to a beautiful breakfast my husband made and had a whole day of just relaxing and being happy!
Like last year I made my boys take me to my fav restaurant for dinner... Chevys and like last year Jeremy laughed at me. But it is fine... I live in a house full of boys... I get laughed at pretty much all day:)

It has been a full year now since I started talking about my art school.... I still very much want to do it, I just got side tracked with life.
At this point we are so up in the air about where we are going to live next I would hate to start a school only to have to close it.
Hopefully this next year brings us the answers to our questions and then I can really put this art school into play... wherever we live;)
My boys are all getting so big and independent I am seeing more and more that I am going to need to have something to do with my (free) time...  And I am excited about that!
So heres to my thirties may they be some great years!

My nieces play!!!

My talented niece Emily was in a the play "The Ransom of Emily Jane"
we went down to Palm Dessert for the evening  to see her.
She did an outstanding job as "Mrs Chatterly"!
The big boys were enthralled with seeing her up there,
River shouted her name, clapped and played on the chairs... you cant take that kid anywhere!

                                                              I see a long acting career in Emily's future!!!


Happy Halloween everyone! 
My mom came down for Vances actual birthday which is 
Halloween so we got to do a lil pumpkin carving with her:)

 on Vance's real birthday we made him a very special birthday breakfast and he got to open his family presents.. he loved them all!

the boys costumes were of course RUN DMC... this top pic was from the dress up day at school

I had to add all these pic cuz they never broke character ... they loved being theses guys!

Our friends the Fudge family came over to join us for Trick or Treating
we had a lot of fun trying to keep track of 6 kids running from house to house:) 

 After a long night of candy gathering, candy sorting and candy eating ....we finally got the kids to bed... the problem with halloween is that it got right in the way of the World Series... which Jeremy was glued to since his boys the Giants were playing... but all was well cuz we have DVR :)
hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

Vances Birthday


Vance had a lovely Halloween theme party the weekend before Halloween.
I thought he would be over that theme by now 
but he LOVES his birthday is on Halloween:)
we had lots of friends come and my brother and his family 
made a weekend of it my sis in law was a major help thanks Kay!!

                                                    happy birthday my love!!

I cant even start to explain how much I love Fall... 
I think some of you know already but I love the 
smells ,the colors, the leaves falling,  the decorating,  the crafts ahh I could go on.. .
I took this a bit ago but this was one of Jeremys first pumpkins he 
grew in our garden they turned out sooo beautiful and big!

we did one of my fav crafts ... cheese cloth ghosts... they turned out so cute:)

It is still very warm here still, so the trees on my street don't know to have their leaves turn those beautiful colors and fall to the ground so I can make crap with them... hopefully nature with get it together soon!
Happy fall everyone!