Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 years later

July 29th was the 10th anniversary of Jeremy's moms death- unfortunately I was two years too late in meeting her - but  Jeremy is constantly saying how much of his mom is in the boys.. and from what I hear from her friends and family she sounded amazing! Jill was a wonderful mother and wife and grandma... she was a talented artist and gardener and was so crafty she would put Martha Stewart to shame! she loved music and fashion(I know we would have been close:) 
It makes me sad to know how much she has missed.. but I find comfort in knowing she is watching us and smiling- I know she sent us our three boys- I joke that it is pay back for Jeremy being such a pill when he was little... but I think she knew how much we would love them- 
Last night we had a family get together to celebrate her life- we had dinner outside and sat around our new fire pit and shared stories of this amazing woman- before we knew it, it was almost 11pm- I know she was there with us and got to see what a beautiful family she created.... love you Jill!

I love me some Noah!!!!

Yesterday We had a great visit with Krystal and 5 week old Baby Noah! He couldn't be any cuter! He is soooo little compared to River, I couldn't believe it! Krystal and I tried to have a conversation but all we got were a few words here and there thanks to my lil show offs Trey and Vance- They love when  I have a friend over cuz then they can act like "Stewart" from Mad Tv... such dorks!  Still I loved hanging out with another mama and baby! I wished you guys lived closer!!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bret and Aly sittin in a tree...

Aly and Bret are getting married!!!
On Saturday we had an engagement party for them! 
The week before  was foggy.. and freezing so I wasn't too excited that our party was at the beach- I woke up Saturday morning... and ahhh it was beautiful and that's how it stayed all day, no wind just sun and smiles! We had a great time- Thanks to Megan and Heather for everything - I am looking forward to all the other parties we get to throw together for Aly! Thanks to all of Bret's and Aly's friends and family for traveling so far to celebrate with us! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rollin on the River

It is over! From here on out we cant just put River down without him rollin over!   Even though I love his adorable milestones, I am a little sad that my baby has become a little man! He rolls over and gets stuck waving his arms and legs so helpless... but when I roll him on his back he always has a huge smile on his face... like.... YES!!! I am  Big boy!
I am able to hand him a toy and he will take it and play with it- 
Even though his movements are  very "drunk old man"
Still Jeremy and I are constantly saying" oh cute... look River did this or that" I guess all these things don't get old no matter how many kids you have-
He is loving getting barreled in the Wave play mat 
his auntie Heather made him!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


We took the boys out for Shhooshe (as vance calls it)  at the Pink Godzilla we were surprised when they actually tried it
Being the great parents we are we sort of fibbed to Vance about what it actually was... it worked and he ate plenty of it~ this was one of those nights where the boys were on their best behavior~ 
They sat still and ate and we talked and learned how to use chop sticks~
The table next to us commented on how great the kids were... that doesn't happen often! And Rivey.... as always fell asleep... in the tiny restaurant full of people- 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bowled over

I can't believe we had never taken the kids bowling before... they had such a great time- Rivey slept the whole time.. big surprise! Treyton enjoyed the whole idea of wearing other peoples shoes and Vance didn't seem to understand you roll the ball down the lane~ He liked to "throw it overhand" down the lane~ We thought we would get kicked out for sure! When Vance was up  he tossed it down and it didn't even make it to the pins- the worker guy had to go down and get the ball for us;) we then were told we could put the bumpers up just for the little guys- that made the game much faster! We are not the greatest team of bowlers but we had fun~ our combined total was nothing to brag about it was the same and ONE player in the next lane :) but we will get better~ 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Swimmin with the fishes

Sweet Little Vance has a Bit of the " Jan Brady Syndrome"  but in this case it is always... Treyton, Treyton, Treyton!  We  had to dedicate a special night just for our beloved middle son- so he didn't start wearing a wig.... if you haven't seen that Brady Bunch episode you have no idea what I am talking about~ well go watch it cuz it is funny!
So we thought having a pizza party for him after he finished his swim lessons would be fun- 
He loved the idea and he told me he wanted a trophy... just like Treys baseball one-  fair enough-  being the semi- crafty mom... 
I made one out of stuff  from around the house;)

Papa and Mary... you guys Rock!!!

Auntie Heather we're loving ya!

Thanks Hannah and Joe!!!

Jacqui you are so great for coming.... we missed ya Andrew hope you guys won your game!

Thanks for making Vancey feel so special!!


Chillin @ the park

The weather has been crazy here in Santa Cruz... It finally chilled out and we were able to be outside! hooray coastal fog!
River is Getting so big!!!

 my son thinks he is Indiana Jones with his whip! 

Oh Auntie Meg!!!!

The Gang was so lucky when our good  friend Megan came from Oakland to see us!  She has been super busy traveling and finishing up school... congrats you little professional on graduating!!! We got to chat it up all day then Jeremy watched the boys... all of them... I went out with Megan for a night on the town!  
 I almost forgot what it feels like to be an adult!!!  We had so much fun talking all night and catching up and typical of Megan and I we had to take pictures with bums downtown! 

She got to sleep over and the kids were so excited that Megan was still here when they woke up! They were sad to see her go!  
We love you Auntie Meg!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cannon Ball

Happy 4th to everyone!  we went to a really fun BBQ at our friends Matt's house it was great ... unfortunately I am a loser and didn't snap any pics!! but it was lots of fun, the kids ran around and tons of great food!  So thanks to Matt and Mandy for a great Party!

Saturday we were off to Rocklin to visit with a ton of Family~ Auntie Laurie and Uncle Lyle throw such great pool parties!!!   thanks for having us it was so fun seeing everybody!!!
Papa Doug and the boyz!
Nathan always making silly faces !!!
Lots -o- cousins!


Great- Great Grandma Laura  we love you!!!