Monday, November 9, 2009

29 and Feelin Fine

Well Wednesday Nov 4th was the day I turned 29...

I had a really bad day! I told some it was the worst day ever.. but that is silly.. I have had worse days.. this one was just so fresh! As you all know I love my children even on bad days- I have explained it this way.. My kids make me laugh and make me cry... make me gasp and make me proud... I guess they are doing their job-

I won't go too deep into the dreadful day of... cleaning up after Treyton being sick (poor guy) or the two little ones "dumb and dumber"... (yes I called my kids dumb... if you were here that day you would too!) I swear Vance and River were fighting ( literally) for the title of worst child of the year ( I know there is an award for that!)... Vance, clearly the winner- although River wasn't far behind-
So I decided that I was changing my birthday to Saturday.. and I can do that cuz it was MY birthday! Saturday ended up really nice... I got to sleep in, the kids were well behaved, Vancey scored some goals at his soccer game and we went out to my favorite Restaurant for dinner... don't laugh.. cuz Jeremy was like... you can go anywhere and you want to go there?! umm yes I love chips and salsa!!!

I guess my kids aren't all bad!

Cheers... Señor Jeremy!

If Vance was like this always.. my life would be much easier but not half as exciting :)

Treyton looked more Like... Señor Boy George

Señor River's sweatshirt looked like a poncho!

29 and Feelin Fine... the Midori Margarita helped with that!

Anyways I usually don't care about my birthday.. it is so close to Vance's I usually forget about it until the 3rd but this year was a little different - the last year of my 20's... I am not worried about being 30.. actually I am excited for people to take me more seriously as a mom and maybe my voice will change so people who call my house wont ask if my mother is home.. but I know that one is just wishful thinking- but 29 is a big birthday I think...

I have been thinking so much about how different I am since entering my 20's, I was a new mom... trying to act like an adult even though I was far from one! oh wait... even though I am a seasoned mom.. I still pretend I am an adult:)
but really though... I feel the 20's are a time where you change the most- now that I am 29 I am starting to feel like I finally get it.. what is "it" you ask... well I think I am figuring out who I am- I am a wife and a mother, yes but me as a human... I always ask myself what I want to be when I grow up before... as a kid and teenager... I wanted to be an actress- I even moved to LA after high school to accomplish that ... but big bad hollywood scared the crap outta me and I got outta there and moved to santa cruz where I met Jeremy a few months later... the rest is history!
Now that I am a bigger kid:) I still think about what I want to be.. well for now-
I am starting an art class for elementary school age kids... called "The Blank Canvas Children's Art School " I am getting all the permits and stuff in order and trying really hard to get my plan together.. I already have three kids who want to sign up... not counting my kids:) I will be teaching all sorts of Art-tastic things- and I cant wait to get it started!

I cant believe after 29 years I am finally finding something I know I will be good at (besides being a mom:) Hooray to growing old and getting it together!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Birds.... One Stone...

As most of you know .... Vances Birthday is on Halloween.. This year we did it right! We went to Disneyland to celebrate !

I wanted to show the picture that sums up the entire weekend first... Fun was had

My wonderful in-laws.. Jack and Mary or (Papa and Tutu:) came into town to help celebrate...
Friday night they joined us in some present opening and yummy dinner... where the waiter sang happy birthday in Italian to Vance... Vance wasn't into it and made a weird face the whole time! We were dying!

The next day was Halloween so I got the boys all dressed up and ready to go hit the park

Yay Disneyland!!!

My little Birthday Boy!

Jeremy invited his mustache along

The kids were having so much fun! I think the adults were too!

Nice shot Papa!

If Vance does it River has to also!

After all day being toted around River was still all smiles!

he did get a little tired though and slept for a couple hours which gave us some time to run around with the Big boys

this is so cute.. but look at Vance's face.. he seems a little scared! :)

The decorations were so awesome-The Haunted Mansion the best! the laser light show and fire works finished the night off with a bang.. (sorry I had to say that:)

We had the best Time ever- Vance said it was the best day of his life! Jack and Mary were so awesome and stayed behind with the kids when they needed a break ... thanks guys you were so much fun and so helpful!! You made Vance's birthday and our Halloween the greatest!