Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what a long couple weeks

First off I wanted to say
Happy Late Birthday to My Beautiful best friends Aly and Kim!     
Their Birthdays are a few days apart and I managed to miss both of them!!! I want to blame my forgetfulness on my post pregnancy mush brain... but really there was no excuse!
 I am forgetting all sorts of things these days- I have a note pad by the door to remind me of stuff - Things like what to get at the store or even  to pick up Trey early on Wednesdays- you would think since every Wednesday is 1/2 day  and has been for two years I wouldn't have to write it down - But since having the baby I really am losing it- You hear Other Moms say that the post pregnancy short term memory loss is... short term- So cross your fingers for me!

The other week was art and music week at Treys school. He performed the sweetest little songs with his music class and made this beautiful piece of art- We are so proud of him!    

This last week boys were  super sick -They never get sick, so we  didn't exactly know what to do- Thank you internet! Trey got it first and like any great big brother shared is sickness with his lil bro- Vance got It bad- He had a fever for days! For all who know Vance well, you know that 6 minutes in one spot is amazing ... so 6 days  of  sleeping and watching movies  on the couch was very interesting- I would have loved to have cable this week! 
Trey was super sweet making sure Vancey had drinks and movies - But Star Wars and Indiana Jones were on repeat in my dvd player! I am very much over them now!  Thursday I was putting the baby down in my room and when I came out into the living room Treyton was reading to Vance- it was so sweet- It is really great having another reader in the house-                                                                     
But after all those germs Rivey didn't get sick at all!  (knock on wood)  He is doing so well-Every morning he gets so excited  so see his brothers he coos and babbles to them... my little baby is getting so big-   He loves the sound of his  own voice and  wants to be right in the middle of everything... 

I wonder where he gets that from! He is still the best sleeper ever!  I sorta didn't believe moms who said their babies slept thru the night. I mean I thought Vance slept well  cuz he only got up a few times... but never all night long-  I sometimes wake up and touch River just to make sure he is ok! 
He always is just sleeping away- I guess I will just enjoy it while it lasts!

I would love to see who is reading our silly lil blog so leave a comment if you get a chance! thanks:)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You kiss your mother with that mouth

all the mom's  Nicole, HeatherMary and Cindi

We had  great mothers day over here!  The fog burned off just in time- We had a total of 17 people in our back yard! We felt so lucky to have all of them over- So thanks again everyone for yummy food and lovely conversation!

My beautiful sister and mama                                                                 

   Papa Jack and Rivey    
those crazy cousins... Joe, Alec and Hannah                                                            


Monday, May 12, 2008

out of the house... finally!

I have been getting a little cabin fever being at home with all the kids- So when my parents offered to watch the two bigger guys over night (since they were in town for mothers day)     
We jumped at the chance of hanging 
with our friends-  we got to go out to dinner and play bocce ball it is a silly game of throwing balls down a lane, trying to get closer to the little game ball than the other team.. I know I am still confused and I played for hours! but with baby in the front pack I seemed to be doing well:)
and my team won! we finished up the game with a group high five..
Which is always fun! 

In the bar next to us they had karaoke I had the baby so we hung outside watching these terrible people trying to sing terrible songs And the terrible people dancing terribly-

(the gang all wanted to join) 

I realized at this point what I am missing staying in my jammies on the couch at home! So thanks mom and dad glad the kids were good for you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

All The Young Dudes

If I had a dollar for every time someone sees our crew and says  "boy you've got ur hands full"  I would be a millionaire!         
Sure they are crazy and full of energy but they have their sweet side too!         

It was Open House at Trey's school and we are so glad to hear Treyton is doing so well! Since Jeremy and I were such slackers .. we were a little worried:) No j/k we are so proud of our lil overachiever-  

His class spent all week on mothers day projects-    
they were all so sweet he made me  a pretty potted flower and a beautiful card and in the card it has these questions.... 
What's my favorite thing about my mom? he wrote... the way she tells me stories-
what is the funniest thing about your mom?  he wrote.... when she makes me laugh- and finally the last question... 
If you could give your mom anything... what would it be? he wrote.... A little girl:)     
I didn't make it that obvious I wanted a girl right;0
I laughed  so hard.. what a thoughtful thing to say:) I am so happy with the boys I wouldn't even know what to do with a girl now!  I am sure when he is old enough to have kids.. after college and grad school and law school and making partner and then finding a wonderful woman and marrying her..  he will give me that little girl!  but no pressure!

   Hope Everyone has  Happy Mothers day!!