Friday, May 9, 2008

All The Young Dudes

If I had a dollar for every time someone sees our crew and says  "boy you've got ur hands full"  I would be a millionaire!         
Sure they are crazy and full of energy but they have their sweet side too!         

It was Open House at Trey's school and we are so glad to hear Treyton is doing so well! Since Jeremy and I were such slackers .. we were a little worried:) No j/k we are so proud of our lil overachiever-  

His class spent all week on mothers day projects-    
they were all so sweet he made me  a pretty potted flower and a beautiful card and in the card it has these questions.... 
What's my favorite thing about my mom? he wrote... the way she tells me stories-
what is the funniest thing about your mom?  he wrote.... when she makes me laugh- and finally the last question... 
If you could give your mom anything... what would it be? he wrote.... A little girl:)     
I didn't make it that obvious I wanted a girl right;0
I laughed  so hard.. what a thoughtful thing to say:) I am so happy with the boys I wouldn't even know what to do with a girl now!  I am sure when he is old enough to have kids.. after college and grad school and law school and making partner and then finding a wonderful woman and marrying her..  he will give me that little girl!  but no pressure!

   Hope Everyone has  Happy Mothers day!!


Jig said...

wow. trey went from overachiever to the wiz kid in this blog..."and nobody beats him."

all those times that you thought he didn't listen to you...and then he answers the 3rd question right on the money...maybe, he is the wiz kid ;)

Happy Mother's Day Gwenie :)

The Longs said...

you do have your hands full with 3 amazingly cute and super smart boys.

how is it that they always know just what to say or do to melt your heart?!

have fun this weekend and give your boys and your mom a hug from me!

Happy Mothers Day Busy Mamma!

Danielle said...

you look so fabulous! happy mother's day!!! your boys are adorable!