Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what a long couple weeks

First off I wanted to say
Happy Late Birthday to My Beautiful best friends Aly and Kim!     
Their Birthdays are a few days apart and I managed to miss both of them!!! I want to blame my forgetfulness on my post pregnancy mush brain... but really there was no excuse!
 I am forgetting all sorts of things these days- I have a note pad by the door to remind me of stuff - Things like what to get at the store or even  to pick up Trey early on Wednesdays- you would think since every Wednesday is 1/2 day  and has been for two years I wouldn't have to write it down - But since having the baby I really am losing it- You hear Other Moms say that the post pregnancy short term memory loss is... short term- So cross your fingers for me!

The other week was art and music week at Treys school. He performed the sweetest little songs with his music class and made this beautiful piece of art- We are so proud of him!    

This last week boys were  super sick -They never get sick, so we  didn't exactly know what to do- Thank you internet! Trey got it first and like any great big brother shared is sickness with his lil bro- Vance got It bad- He had a fever for days! For all who know Vance well, you know that 6 minutes in one spot is amazing ... so 6 days  of  sleeping and watching movies  on the couch was very interesting- I would have loved to have cable this week! 
Trey was super sweet making sure Vancey had drinks and movies - But Star Wars and Indiana Jones were on repeat in my dvd player! I am very much over them now!  Thursday I was putting the baby down in my room and when I came out into the living room Treyton was reading to Vance- it was so sweet- It is really great having another reader in the house-                                                                     
But after all those germs Rivey didn't get sick at all!  (knock on wood)  He is doing so well-Every morning he gets so excited  so see his brothers he coos and babbles to them... my little baby is getting so big-   He loves the sound of his  own voice and  wants to be right in the middle of everything... 

I wonder where he gets that from! He is still the best sleeper ever!  I sorta didn't believe moms who said their babies slept thru the night. I mean I thought Vance slept well  cuz he only got up a few times... but never all night long-  I sometimes wake up and touch River just to make sure he is ok! 
He always is just sleeping away- I guess I will just enjoy it while it lasts!

I would love to see who is reading our silly lil blog so leave a comment if you get a chance! thanks:)


Jig said...

forgetting birthdays only happens once in a blue moon, but at least you haven't forgotten to post blog updates during your short-term forgetful stage...wonder if that is considered the 4th trimester.
trey is definitely showing his talents as an artist, a scholar and a photog. very nice.
looks like poor vancey dropped a couple from being sick, time to get the store-bought ice cream ready once he feels better
and what can i say about rio except that he seems perfect...

The Longs said...

poor kiddos...poor mama with the sick kiddos :(

hope everyone is on the mend and that your little one stays germ free!

see you all saturday :)

Amber Magnolia said...

I am always reading it!
I still have mommy brain, almost 2 years later. My friend with a 6 week old recently came over and she was out of it man!
The boys are sooo cute! I am just so proud of you Alicia. You are such a good mommy. You really do make me want more. Which reminds me, I am going to have a boy! Someday, not now. I'll tell you all about this little person who has made himself known to Graham and I (and some other people!).
That drawing (painting?) by Trey is super rad. I would like buy that at the store.
Mycie saw the pic of Aly and said "Aly!"
BTW did you know Matt George had a boy? And I saw Alyssa in Tahoe last week- she is due in November!

lovevolving said...

Oh and I am so jealous Rivey sleeps through the night- some nights Mycie is up 8 or 9 times! My next baby really needs to sleep better!

Danielle said...

how cute is your little family??? i actually kinda like having "mommy brain" it gives me a good excuse for all of the crazy things i do!!! lol you are the cutest mom i know! loves!