Monday, June 2, 2008

Spy vs Spy

Saturday we had Treyton's Spy birthday party-   We had 13 lil secret agents join us at the "Secret Location"- we had the kids sign next to their new code name and finger printed - They were given a name tag with their new identity with the id picture Trey drew of them 

I also  took a  picture of them in disguise

       Agent Night Fox
     Agent Spider Monkey
 Agent Sleepy Bear
  Agent Tricky Tiger
  Agent Pretty Pony
    Agent Black Dog
   Agent Lovely Ladybug
  Agent White Hawk
  Agent Soaring Eagle
   Agent Bright Butterfly
  Agent Daring Dragon
  Agent Leapin Lizard
  Agent  Sliver Snake
 Agent King Cobra

we played dont drop the bomb... Spider Monkey (Vance) had a hard time understanding to "pass" the bomb to the music- It got exciting at the end when Night Fox's (Treyton) cousins Pretty Pony (Hannah) and Black Dog (Joe) were duking it out! Pretty Pony won!        


we played a memory game I was quite impressed with the all the kids on that one - Soaring Eagle (frank) won -We played Spy-mon says (simon says)  which was pretty funny since I was Spy-mon ! Tricky Tiger (Alec) was the winner! Hooray to all the lil spy kids!          

Thanks to all our friends and family for coming! Thanks to all my family who couldnt make it and sent cards! Trey loved them!  Thanks Mama for all your help! you are the best
I really want to thank the cute pregnant Krystal and her husband Jason for stopping by! 
I send my good upside down baby thoughts to you! 
Hey Andrew...When you are with us River is always in your arms ...hmmm.... Jacqui, you better watch out he might have the baby fever:)



Danielle said...

Hey Alicia! Can you please plan Ellie's b-day for me? You always have the most creative ideas!! Hope all is going well and the boys are soo cute! Hope to see you soon!!

Jig said...

so...are you directing the next Bond movie?
what a kickin' party. and looks like you had great weather. the kids look super cool.
great job Agent Party Planner...

Danielle said...

seriously?? your kids are lucky to have such an awesome mom! are you busy next march for both of my kids' parties?.. :)

jlm said...

Ummmm this Aussie wants to know what "Duking it out" means?

lovevolving said...

You are so amazing Alicia! This sounds like the most fun birthday party a kid could ever have.

The Longs said...

i love river's super spy photo! so cute!

and hey, did you ever get rid of all the cupcakes...that is without vance eating all the tops off of them!!