Sunday, June 22, 2008

First week of Summer!

Now ... Jeremy made this quesadilla tonight... can you find the stick-man skier?  :) we were laughing so hard.. we had to share it!

We started this first week of Summer with strawberry picking in Watsonville at the Giztich Ranch with the Hurley family! We had such a great time!  Thanks guys!
We also got to hang out with my very pregnant Friend Krystal!
The boys had a great time at the pool! Krystal was set to go into the hospital this coming Wednesday but Baby Noah decided to come a bit early - So congrats to Krystal and Jason!  Baby Noah is beautiful!!

This week was hot... so hot!! For Santa Cruz hot is 90 but this week we were at 104 !  Things cooled off a few days later (thank goodness) and we joined the Martins and their family at the beach- 
when we got there it was overcast and raining! There was a beautiful lighting show (we stayed out of the water at that point!)  but when the clouds passed it was great! 
perfect since it was Baby River's first day ever at the beach! 

We ended the weekend with a Super Star Wars b-day party!  the kids had a great light saber battle! Happy B-day  Frank!


Jig said...

strawberry fields forever...

lovely pictures all around...rivey is such a smiley, happy baby :)

Danielle said...

so jealous you live so close to the ocean.. i know you wish you could take a dive in the great salt that quesadilla is hilarious. too bad it doesn't look like the virgin mary-- you could sell it on ebay and make some serious cash! lol

Carrie & Bryson Solomon said...

We found you! Now we can blog the heck out of each other! Lol. Its not much, but you can blog-visit us! :)