Friday, June 13, 2008

No more pencils no more books..

Schools out for Summer!  The last week has been busy! Trey was in a play The Little Red Hen- He was a narrator! He seemed to be having fun up on the stage:) 
Vance, Rivey and I went to the "last day party"  which was an ice cream party (like my kids need more ice cream!)   Thank you so much Kristin ( class mom) for all that you did! You helped us out so much! Can't wait to hang out with you and Sophia this summer!
( this is Treyton's G/F  Sophia! Don't tell him I told you :)

I cant believe it has been a year already- time sure flies!
After school ended we had to see Vancey's Girlfriends, Sophie and Kylie (sisters!)
Vance is in love with both of them! Quite the love triangle!
River slept thru most of the day... like everyday!


The Longs said...

you HAVE been super busy! you wont be running back and forth to school and baseball but now you have the kids at home all summer....different kind of busy i suppose!

...if you have any leftover ice cream, i can help you out with that!!!

janelle said...

hahaha i loved this blog, your boys are such little studs! I catching up on everything you guy's do, seem's odd that school is out, our school end doesn't end until december and starts again the following february! I think we are a bit odd in Australia!

Jig said...

oh, how i love rivey's dedication to his priorities...if i could only be that disciplined. no wonder he can party 'til 9:30 in the pm :)

and trey is just a superstar in the making...

Danielle said...

ur kids are so cute. i think treyton looks so much like you!!
you are so great about updating your blog... i need to be better about mine!

Cis said...

I meant to comment days ago. How cute are all of these pic's? Thanks for the props. It was really great having Treyton in the same class. He is so smart! and Cute.
See you soon.