Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Santa Cruz wedding style

In Late September we headed to Santa Cruz for a BRIEF trip.. I say "brief" cuz we literally were there for a few days and we had a packed few days.. so Santa Cruzers that we didn't get to see ...we are soooo sorry and plan to come up this spring!

We went to a beautiful wedding in the redwoods... 
Matt and Mandy were married in a sweet ceremony 
on Matt's family's property in Scotts Valley.

Jeremy was asked to perform "into the mystic" for the father daughter dance ... he did a beautiful job! I didn't get any pix but when I figure out how to do a video on here I will post it.

our pals Niles and Merissa plus one lil girl in the belly!

  Brothers from another mother

 Although the temps were super high these two stayed cool with their water cooler talk

I heart Mindy and Daniel

awe the sweetest brand new baby! only a month old.. I seriously would have stolen her!

we made our way creek side

even though this was forbidden...
 jeremy decided to boat around the pond
shh don't tell anyone

Where were the kids while we were having all this fun you ask?! being baby-sat by their wonderful Aunt Heather, cuzins and Papa Jack! Thanks guys!

Awwwwe then the beach.. oh how we have missed you 12th ave!!!
we had a great full day at the beach with the Martins and The Harris Family

 the crew of boys Trey Vance  Cameron and Joe

 And we couldnt leave with out seeing the newest lil additions to the old NSV crew...
Zachary and Cameron!!

congrats Jacqui and Andrew!! they are so cute and if I didn't already have too many boys I would have tried to steal them... they smelled really good.

 ummm come on... too cute!!!

See ya later Santa Cruz til next time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soccer Time!

So Jeremy is couching Vances soccer team  "The Lions" and he is doing a Great job! its so cute to see him out there with all those lil guys:) 
we have a lil website you should check out to see all the pix of the games...


I am happy to share the kids started school- Vance is a big Kindergartner and Trey a big 4th grader... yay for school...

I guess they weren't as excited as I was:)

the last bit of summer

Well heres a bit of summer stuff we did...

We had my niece Emily for a week we checked out Hollywood with my Pal Tori and her son Aeson I didnt get any shots of them but they were both looking cute  as always:)      
We had lots a fun looking at all the stars and the foot/hand prints and all the crazies that hang out down there!

We had a lemonade stand

 we made these guitars out of shoe boxes 

Jeremy grew this Garden

I was sick of hearing the kids saying they were bored so... we had a "Boredom Jar" filled with little strips of paper with things to do when the kids say they were bored.. some were good like "a trip to the $ store" ... "go play legos for 20 min" ... " draw a comic strip of a family member" and some were not so great like" put all your brother(s)  clothes away"... "pick up the back yard" etc ... the kids would have to take their chances if they told me they were bored!

We figured out ways to stay cool in our Back yard

Slip n slides and snow cones... awe yaa!

I may have a permanent scar from that slip n slide :/

We did get to use our neighbors pool when ever we wanted which was nice cuz we wanted to use it a lot...  it was great cuz the boys know how to swim soooo well now and they were soo tired every night!!!
we have the best neighbors ever! thanks Harmon Fam!

We cant believe summer is over! 
Geez that was fast hope you had a good one


In early August I took the boys by myself to Tahoe to visit my family... we had fun times and beautiful warm weather which we were grateful for! Being with my mom and sister and Swimming in Tahoe makes me feel anew:)

My old Pal, Mitch is a fireman up in Tahoe so he invited me and my boys and Alec over to the fire house they had a lot of fun holding the big hose and spraying into the forrest with it! he let them run around the garage and check out all the gear it was a nice thing to get those boys energy out! Thanks Mitch!!

And of course we couldn't miss any beach time.. we were there almost everyday with my mom and sister and the boys!

One day we met up with my buddy Dustin Evans and his gorgeous daughter Elle! I was of course ready to steal her when Dustin looked away but chicken out at the last min:)