Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In early August I took the boys by myself to Tahoe to visit my family... we had fun times and beautiful warm weather which we were grateful for! Being with my mom and sister and Swimming in Tahoe makes me feel anew:)

My old Pal, Mitch is a fireman up in Tahoe so he invited me and my boys and Alec over to the fire house they had a lot of fun holding the big hose and spraying into the forrest with it! he let them run around the garage and check out all the gear it was a nice thing to get those boys energy out! Thanks Mitch!!

And of course we couldn't miss any beach time.. we were there almost everyday with my mom and sister and the boys!

One day we met up with my buddy Dustin Evans and his gorgeous daughter Elle! I was of course ready to steal her when Dustin looked away but chicken out at the last min:)

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