Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the last bit of summer

Well heres a bit of summer stuff we did...

We had my niece Emily for a week ...so we checked out Hollywood with my Pal Tori and her son Aeson I didnt get any shots of them but they were both looking cute  as always:)      
We had lots a fun looking at all the stars and the foot/hand prints and all the crazies that hang out down there!

We had a lemonade stand

 we made these guitars out of shoe boxes 

Jeremy grew this Garden

I was sick of hearing the kids saying they were bored so... we had a "Boredom Jar" filled with little strips of paper with things to do when the kids say they were bored.. some were good like "a trip to the $ store" ... "go play legos for 20 min" ... " draw a comic strip of a family member" and some were not so great like" put all your brother(s)  clothes away"... "pick up the back yard" etc ... the kids would have to take their chances if they told me they were bored!

We figured out ways to stay cool in our Back yard

Slip n slides and snow cones... awe yaa!

I may have a permanent scar from that slip n slide :/

We did get to use our neighbors pool when ever we wanted which was nice cuz we wanted to use it a lot...  it was great cuz the boys know how to swim soooo well now and they were soo tired every night!!!
we have the best neighbors ever! thanks Harmon Fam!

We cant believe summer is over! 
Geez that was fast hope you had a good one

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