Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's wrap it all up with a bow...

Hey ya'll  
December has been a busy month but still I cant believe it is christmas time already! So to wrap it all up in one post  here's just a few things we have been up to...

 River is still sleeping a ton;)

Tutu (or Mary) had a birthday and we all got to share it with her! Happy b-day Tutu! 

 River Loves  Luke

I still love Hannah:)

Our Good Friend Niles finally turned 30! his parents threw him a great surprise party
 We left the big boys with Papa And Tutu thanks guys for babysitting!
wow what a surprise Andrew is holding River
 Rivey loves to party 
 but he likes to sleep more:) thanks Jacqui you are the best baby putter to sleeper:)

It was Megans birthday! and Jeremy watched to boys so I could go out and have a fun time in Oak town!!! 

 Our lil Hannah was in a play Gold Dust or Bust and she killed it!!! Good job Hannah!!!

 Trey had his school christmas party ~ those kids are so cute! And in Elementary school tradition, He made a ginger bread house... 
we brought it home and every time I look at it on the counter it is missing candy.. and I can't find Vance..hmmmm -      

So to all Our friends and family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

It has happened Treyton finally lost the other top tooth! It was loose for like three months~ I begged him to play with it and wiggle it cuz I didn't want his snaggle tooth in my christmas pictures!  ( am so mean:)  We even bribed him with a slurpee if he got it out on Sunday~  well Vance would get one too.... so that made Vance want to take out Trey's tooth out himself... got to love lil boys~ After some time  Trey finally just yanked it out ~ Now you have to hear him try and say S's sooo funny~ 

*******So Folks I am sending out Christmas cards soon and would love everyones addresses- Email them to  Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks for Thanksgivin~

Hi everyone hope you had a great Thanksgiving-  We were lucky enough to go over to the Martin house for the day~ there were 28 people there, and they fed all of us!! the food was great the company was great and River slept thru dinner... (so I got to eat) and that was great!  Thanks to Heather Tim Hannah and Joe for hosting a great day! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Vancey!!

I can't believe that Vance is four! This year has gone by so fast- Sunday we had his Tony Hawk skate Party- the days leading up to it were scary since it was pouring outside and the party was at the park! I was convinced that the storm would let up and sunday morning the clouds parted and we had sun and  warm all day! I really owe who ever up there performed that miracle :)  We had a great turn out ! We had friends from all over come just to celebrate with us!  John and Danielle and Ellie, Megan And Adrienne,  Nicole and her family and my Grandparents Jim and Patty ! I have to give special props to my Mama , she was the biggest help all weekend from Thursday thru Monday she was either helping with the baby, Vance or cleaning my house! Thank you soooooo much mom I couldn't have done any of it with out you! 
During the party we painted  on mini skate boards that Jeremy made - it was really fun to see what every one came up with-  Thanks to everyone for coming   We had such a great time visiting- 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick and a whole lot a Treats

Happy Halloween everyone- I am a little late but things have been so crazy! As you can see River was a turtle and  Trey and Vance were Edward Scissor hands this year ... the costumes were a huge hit all over town- Treyton was loving all the attention:) They were a lot of work I swear next year I am just buying them costumes from the store!!!  j/k
I was so lucky Since my mom was in town to help with the baby, We got to help in Treyton's halloween party- River  wasn't too impressed with the party!
We Went Trick or Treating with our Awesome crew of  14! We braved the rain and was worth it cuz the kids have candy for days!! 

Halloween Is also Vance's Birthday- Our big boy Turned Four! He is so independent and smart-I cant wait to see what he shows us this year!!!!   Hooray Vancey !!!

Three cheers for Uncle Jig!

For those who know us well know that we don't actually havan Uncle Jig... but we do have a great friend named Jig:) He joined us out West from Texas for a whole week;) We started out in San Fran and went to Alcatraz, the kids loved the boat ride over! Soooo fun! Vance was quick to tell us he never wanted to go to prison ever after that! We had a ton planned for the week - So lets begin the ride-
I took Jig to his first pumpkin patch it was so cute! I didnt seem to get a good shot of him there I am so lame but here are the boys- River wanted to eat all the stuff on the ground:)!!
Jig was my "Manny" all week helping me with the baby and Vance- Vance had a special bond with jig.. every move he made Vance needed to know about it, see it, and then talk about it for the next 5 hours! oh the questions the kids had for Jig- Jig is originally from India and the kids had a field day wanting to know every thing about India and Texas- 
Bless Jig's heart he was so patient with the family! And we have a crazy one! I have made Jig sign a gag order since he witnessed my fam for a whole week- He knows too much:) It all goes in the vault right Jig!!??!!  

So Jig works for Michael's in the IT dept.... (my crafty mommy friends know that Michael's is the best store in the world) it just happened to be employee discount week so I dragged Jig to our Michael's for 50% off everything! not that I needed anything since he goes to sample sales for me once a month and brought me everything I will ever need to craft anything! Jig you are so awesome thanks sooooo much!!! So we shopped and got to spent the whole day with out chatty cathy ( Vance) thanks Jeremy for taking him for the day:) Through out the week we went to the beach and walked my the cliffs, went to the Monterey Aquarium where we saw my Friend from Tahoe, Jon who works there and he gave us a tour! thanks Jon you rock! Jig and I got to even go out on the town one night bar hoppin! I havent done than in a while! We had such a great time talking and staying out late- We ended his last night with a BBQ and movie night outside I was freezing and didn't get any shots but we watched Weird Science (great movie) and sat around a bon fire til 2 am -
It was sad to see Jig go the next day but we were so lucky to have him here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shiny Happy People

Well it has been a while since I last posted so I will do a little catch up... Vance is loving Art Pre-school and wants to go everyday! He loves doing art after school and  on the weekends too.. I think he just likes getting dirty!
He is so excited to turn four on halloween- he talks about his skating party every day...

He cant wait to show off his moves!

Treyton is doing great also, he is just trucking along in school- he goes  to a chess class at lunch instead of playing at recess some days... I thought he was joking when he told me;) but he really does go - I swear this kid was switched at birth;) j/k 
He loves to read so I told him he can start reading to Vance at bed time- He is such a big helper

And now for Rivey.... What a little ham! He is now sitting on his own and army crawling everywhere!
I can't put him down or he bolts!  In the morning he wakes up so happy and ready to do all of his new tricks- his fav is trying to stand up... on everything! 
River remains the happiest baby smiling at anyone who looks at him and laughs hard at his funny big brothers-  He has however, become the biggest mama's boy... he loves everything and everyone as long as I am holding him... my arms are tired:) I don't mind though;) He is almost eight months old and I don't know where the time went!

We have a crazy next couple of weeks coming up lots of people around and tons  of events -
Don't forget to watch for updates and leave a comment if you can so I know who's readin- Thanks!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend of Love!!!!!!!!

Friday started off the Wedding weekend! My wonderful Father in Law, Jack and his Beautiful Bride To be, Mary had every one over for a gigantic dinner at their house!  I knew Jack was marrying into a large Family but  I am telling you Mary has Sisters and Brothers coming out her ears!!!! The house was packed with smiles and happiness, it was awesome to see how many people love the people we love!
Saturday was the big Day, Mary looked gorgeous!!!!
 My Brother in Law  Tim married them in a sweet ceremony in a beautiful forrest setting~ a guitarist played the most perfect songs and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! We are so incredibly lucky to have Mary in our Family...  and Andra and Claudio too!
 (My adorable niece )

Baby loves his Papa
 My parents even made it:)
this is what happens when we try to take a family pic:)
Classic Mary!