Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school

Yep it's true Treyton is in 2nd grade!  I know... crazy right!?
Wednesday morning I heard my alarm bright and early ... I wished for one more day of summer! I  then thought about how easy my day was going to be with one less child and got myself up fast! I looked over at sleeping Rivs and thought... ugh sleepy bear isn't going to like this AM wake up call~ So I let him sleep~ Treyton was still sleeping too, so I woke him up, he shot out of bed, got ready and waited by the door until we were ready to go~ I think he was excited:) We got to school and met his teacher  ~ Vancey hugged Trey then asked  him if he could play his Nintendo DS while he was at school and Treyton quickly said no way! :)  haha lil brothers are funny! As we walked out the door I looked back at Trey and thought this is so trippy cuz I so remember the first day of 2nd grade;) 
We walked to the car and I felt 52 pounds lighter... hooray for Back to school!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Final Hoo-ra

Ahhh the last day of summer break for Treyton was great!!!!  The boys and I headed down to Krystals house ~ We met up with Krystals  mommy friend and her baby boy who was 5 weeks old and the same size as Rivey he was soooo  cute!!   We headed  to lunch down the street we had quite the little crew going....three strollers... three mama's....and five boys~ We went over to Krystals pool after a successful meal (meaning no big meltdowns:)

While the big boys swam Krystal I am were able to have a nice convo~ Noah slept the whole day (he's taking notes from Rivs:)
 River stayed dry in his bumbo.. I love that thing!  He  was really confused why he could  only see his brothers heads and no bodies in the water~

Thanks for the summer fun Krystal!!!!              

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of firsts!

So August is a month of firsts for little River- I guess since he is 6 months old already (gasp) he his no longer a new born *tear*- But we are on to bigger and better things... we got the go for Rivey to be able to be in the sun and start solid foods!!!! You would never think these two things would be as exciting as they are.. but we are loving the milestones!!!

His First bite!!!     

 first swing at the park!
 first time in a laundry basket :)               First time on a horse!            

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My home girls!

So we were lucky enough to have my friend Amber and her family in town the other weekend~
Amber's Daughter Mycie... ummm couldn't be cuter! No... seriously she is the sweetest~ she talks like a little fairy princess! She just recently turned 2, Happy Birthday  Mycie!!! Aly and Bret also came over to visit hooray !!* FYI Aly just finished nursing school! (Aly you are awesome!!!)~ It has been years since we all got to hang out~  It was great weather so the kids just played in the yard while we "adults talked" I still laugh that we are adults! I remember when I met Amber we were Treytons age! We had a great visit and I can't wait to hang out with everyone again soon!!!!
Bret and Rivey!  

  Ambers beautiful family!


Graham and boys

Friday, August 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home (town)

The boys and I went to Tahoe last week-  Unfortunately Jeremy had to stay at home and work- The drive was interesting... lets say I don't think I will be going all alone again! Tahoe was beautiful and warm! No fog in sight, which we were so excited about! We hung out in my moms beautiful house  and My dad made the best food and he took the bigger boys out on some sort of "snipe hunt" still not sure what that is :) and they got to sleep in a tent in the back yard!
River got to roll around on the grass and get a little kiss or two from Rufus!
After slip n slide'n the boys stumbled upon my old barbie stuff!  I can't wait to black mail them with this when they get older!
One of the reasons I was up there was cuz it was time for the 3rd annual Blacklist Film Festival- this  horror film festival is put on by a couple of my old local friends-you should try to make it next year ... the guys would love your support! My Brother in Law Phil Watched the big big boys (thanks Phil!) and my  mom watched the baby which was awesome! I missed him a bunch but was stoked on the few baby free hours I got- I went with my sister and my friend Gloria, and saw a ton of friends I hadn't seen in a long time!  
We got to see great grandma Sandy in Carson at the new beauty school
and Gloria got to hang with the boys!
 My pal Chris with Vance...too cute

I almost forgot...We spent a few days at the beach!

We had such a long week and the drive home was similar to the drive up there:) we're glad to be back in Santa Cruz but miss everyone already!!!