Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to school

Yep it's true Treyton is in 2nd grade!  I know... crazy right!?
Wednesday morning I heard my alarm bright and early ... I wished for one more day of summer! I  then thought about how easy my day was going to be with one less child and got myself up fast! I looked over at sleeping Rivs and thought... ugh sleepy bear isn't going to like this AM wake up call~ So I let him sleep~ Treyton was still sleeping too, so I woke him up, he shot out of bed, got ready and waited by the door until we were ready to go~ I think he was excited:) We got to school and met his teacher  ~ Vancey hugged Trey then asked  him if he could play his Nintendo DS while he was at school and Treyton quickly said no way! :)  haha lil brothers are funny! As we walked out the door I looked back at Trey and thought this is so trippy cuz I so remember the first day of 2nd grade;) 
We walked to the car and I felt 52 pounds lighter... hooray for Back to school!!!!


Nourished Mother said...

So funny about the nintendo.
That's crazy that you remember the first day of 2nd grade. I don't, but I have a picture of me on the bus the first day of Kindergarten with Dick, the old bus driver, behind me.

The Longs said...

LOVE the picture! and vance is sooo funny to try and use trey's excitement as a means to sneak into the Nintendo!

i cant wait to hear how the first day of pre-school goes!

Jig said...

seriously...the boys are so big. i can't believe you just let the secret diet out to everyone...52 lbs...holla

Danielle said...

oh my gosh!!! i remember the first day of second grade too... i remember YOU in second grade!lol he is so cute... hooray for school! i can't wait for parke to start preschool next week :)-- hey amber, i remember dick! he was mean and made me cry my first day of kindergarten! lol