Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My home girls!

So we were lucky enough to have my friend Amber and her family in town the other weekend~
Amber's Daughter Mycie... ummm couldn't be cuter! No... seriously she is the sweetest~ she talks like a little fairy princess! She just recently turned 2, Happy Birthday  Mycie!!! Aly and Bret also came over to visit hooray !!* FYI Aly just finished nursing school! (Aly you are awesome!!!)~ It has been years since we all got to hang out~  It was great weather so the kids just played in the yard while we "adults talked" I still laugh that we are adults! I remember when I met Amber we were Treytons age! We had a great visit and I can't wait to hang out with everyone again soon!!!!
Bret and Rivey!  

  Ambers beautiful family!


Graham and boys


Nourished Mother said...

We had so much fun Alicia! The whole drive back to the beach house afterward Graham kept saying "that was so much fun, I really like all of them, I wish we saw them more often, Jeremy is rad..."

And I think that Vancey is Mycie's first crush ;-)

Danielle said...

hi amber and aly! how funny to see pictures of you 3! you all the the same-- so cute!