Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of firsts!

So August is a month of firsts for little River- I guess since he is 6 months old already (gasp) he his no longer a new born *tear*- But we are on to bigger and better things... we got the go for Rivey to be able to be in the sun and start solid foods!!!! You would never think these two things would be as exciting as they are.. but we are loving the milestones!!!

His First bite!!!     

 first swing at the park!
 first time in a laundry basket :)               First time on a horse!            


The Longs said...

yea for rides in the laundry basket! ha!

you know your baby can ride in the laundry basket!!!

i loved the laundry i'm told...and have countless memories of pushing my little sister around in the basket too!

go rivey go!

Nourished Mother said...

He is the sweetest! And seriously, the happiest baby ever. And congratulations on that laundry basket sit, big moment for you.

Jig said...

i've said it before...and so has amber...but rio is the happiest baby ever. can't wait to hold him :)

Meg said...

Hilarious, I love it all!!!!

Danielle said...

ahhh.. such a cute little buddy! dont' you love bumbos? i hate starting