Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Final Hoo-ra

Ahhh the last day of summer break for Treyton was great!!!!  The boys and I headed down to Krystals house ~ We met up with Krystals  mommy friend and her baby boy who was 5 weeks old and the same size as Rivey he was soooo  cute!!   We headed  to lunch down the street we had quite the little crew going....three strollers... three mama's....and five boys~ We went over to Krystals pool after a successful meal (meaning no big meltdowns:)

While the big boys swam Krystal I am were able to have a nice convo~ Noah slept the whole day (he's taking notes from Rivs:)
 River stayed dry in his bumbo.. I love that thing!  He  was really confused why he could  only see his brothers heads and no bodies in the water~

Thanks for the summer fun Krystal!!!!              


The Longs said...

awe...great pics! you do know that i am totally stealing them for my blog! *tear* i miss my camera!

i had so much fun yesterday! thanks for making the trip over the hill with your gang!

i can't wait to hear about the first day of school...and the first day of preschool...

Cielo Gold said...

I miss swimming. Being in San Francisco, I know it's summer but it certainly doesn't feel like it. ;)

Nourished Mother said...

I am so stoked that you and Krystal are hanging out. It was great to see her last week. I always totally loved her. And I love both of your blogs!
We loved the Bumbo too man.

Jig said...

all that fun was totally worth the blisters...heckuva summer :)

Danielle said...

looks fun! gotta love one last summer swim!