Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only in Manhattan.. Beach

The other day it was 98* ... Jeremy and I looked at each other and said.. it is time to go to the beach - so we decided to hit up Manhattan Beach- Jeremy has been going there since he was little-his mom grew up there- it is the cutest little beach town I want to live there!  If I only had a million extra bucks laying around!  I haven't seen the Ocean since we moved in February and I am telling you... I missed it!!!! It wasn't too far from our house... I mean we cant walk to it or anything:)  The kids had such a nice time- Trey met a kid and they were in the water all day- Vance is more of a sand player so he let River throw sand  on his head...  oh boys are so funny! This beach day got us ready for our big Santa Cruz visit!!! Hope everyones Summer is going great!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calling All Angels

Well I finally got to join my boys at a baseball game- We thought hey why cant all of us go? well..  It worked out great the Big boys were so good and River was so excited by the cheering and music he just  danced and sang and then fell asleep- It ended up being a pretty good game- I don't know anything about baseball but these two teams were tied for first and since the Angels won last night... I guess the Rangers are in second.. sorry  Texas! I got friendly with the usher.. a 78 year old woman named Edith (I always find the senior friends) - she couldnt have been more adorable she loved the boys- she asked me if we were going to try for a girl- I was like ya right... with our luck we would have another boy! She said she had three boys too then they tried for a girl... she then had twin boys ! ummm that is my nightmare..  That put to rest any talk of any more babies! the risk is too high:) I love my "four boys"  that is plenty for me!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Yay Fireworks!

Happy 4th everyone! We almost stayed in Tahoe and braved the crowds but decided to come home early -we had a nice quiet time in our back yard... it was so nice to just hang out and play outside with the boys- The kids just love any time that we get to decorate outside :) The fire works were  just a few blocks from our house so we able to walk to them with the boys-  I love watching their little faces while they oohh and ahhh - Treyton and Vance are getting so big they just sat there and didn't run around- I cant believe I am saying this... but this whole kid thing is getting easier... umm but don't quote me!  


Saturday, July 4, 2009

the week of all weeks!!!

well after an epic 7 hour drive with my four favorite boys we made it to my sisters house at 1:30 am on sat. the 27th... just hours from my 10 year Reunion- We have been looking forward to this for so long... WE... meaning ( myself, and my pals Nicole, Megan, Lindsay and Robyn)  These girls and I have been working on this Party for months and months- and it finally was here! It went great!!!   Jeremy and I took a much needed break since we now live hours and hours from any babysitters:) and got to have the night and next morning to ourselves! (thanks Nicole and Phil so much for having the kids!! you guys are the best!) (Thanks Megan for the slumber party:)

put most of the "silly" pics on my facebook page but here are a few...
         The party committee

Our Dj for the night!

We tried to hit up all the fun we could... Jumping on the Trampoline in the trees at my moms:)
Ice cream party and water balloons at my sisters:)

Playing at my old elementary school with the kids

Hot dogs at the Hicksters!  Not to mention the best Dance party to Michael J ever!

  Beautiful Kiva beach with my pals and fam!

River is on top of the terrible twos... he so advanced!

We packed our Tahoe Trip with beach time and visits with friends- it was so nice to get to see so many people all at once!   

And in three weeks we do it all over again! but this time we hit Santa Cruz  first which we are super excited about - Hope every one has a happy 4th love to all!!!!