Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only in Manhattan.. Beach

The other day it was 98* ... Jeremy and I looked at each other and said.. it is time to go to the beach - so we decided to hit up Manhattan Beach- Jeremy has been going there since he was little-his mom grew up there- it is the cutest little beach town I want to live there!  If I only had a million extra bucks laying around!  I haven't seen the Ocean since we moved in February and I am telling you... I missed it!!!! It wasn't too far from our house... I mean we cant walk to it or anything:)  The kids had such a nice time- Trey met a kid and they were in the water all day- Vance is more of a sand player so he let River throw sand  on his head...  oh boys are so funny! This beach day got us ready for our big Santa Cruz visit!!! Hope everyones Summer is going great!


Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

yuck to the 98* but what a nice excuse to drive to the water! cant wait to throw sand with you next weekend!!

Danielle said...

i am jealous-- it has been hot here too, but we have to go to the pool-- so wish we were closer to a beach!