Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prop 8

On this blog I try to keep it just to family updates- I rarely write a post that is all about myself - and I have never written anything like what I am about to write- But I really feel strongly about this-  I Grew up  LDS (Mormon) - I loved the church and what it taught me- It made me who I am and I will always cherish that- I learned respect for my parents and  for myself- I think believing in God is a beautiful way to go thru life- I believe in God very much- I still feel grateful for everyday he/she has givin me- God is in everything that I do-  I still pray and hope that God is listening- I no longer go to that church anymore- for lots of reasons- The church would not agree with my life style- so instead of trying to be what they want me to be I am going to be myself somewhere else- I am ok with that- I still have many friends and family who are members and I love and respect them very much!

Living in California is amazing- I have been here since I was really young and I have met lots of great people-  Black or white, gay or straight- religious - or non- and everybody in between- they are all my friends-  I am sad that other Californians  feel like they have the right to tell someone else that they cant  get married to their loves- I know people are not all going to think the same and thats ok... but to actually take the option away from these great people... well isn't that wrong?  Why is their marriage any of your business? If god created all of us... then he/ she loves all of us... for who we are and what we do... God loves and accepts...  I could think that the LDS woman down the street who's been married 3 times shouldn't be getting engaged again... why can she get married  all those times? she obviously isn't doing something right- Does God look at her marriages as something good and sacred?  
It is 2009, and some are spending their time and money on stopping people from doing something that doesn't directly effect them... all that money that they gave and  the time... should have been put into charities around California or helping the schools-
Instead of getting upset at peoples life styles lets  focus on our kids futures... maybe someday your son or daughter will come to you and tell you that they are gay... what would you do? wouldn't you do anything for them? The first thing you can do... Is learn tolerance!

I really hope whoever reads this understands that I am not judging anyone for their beliefs- I just wish that some could open their eyes a bit more and see the beautiful world changing around them... they will see that everyone should be treated equally... We are all in this together~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

schools out!!!!


The last week of School was fun for Trey... after coming into this class more than halfway thru the year, Treyton learned  a years worth of new math (in three months) - and made the Honor roll (one of four student in his class!)  We are so proud of him!
(This is all of second grade!)

The weather has been gloomy the the last two weeks so it doesnt feel like summer... and not having the beach down the street ... makes it REALLY not feel like summer- But what can ya do, right-  At least the sun is out now and we will be hitting the triple digits soon enough- all I can say is............. sno-cones and slip n slide!!!!!!

We are going up to Tahoe  twice and Santa Cruz twice and we are going camping so we have a full summer planned... and before you know it school is in again- 
Hope everyone has a great start to their summer!  Hope to see most of you soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 is great!

Our baby turned 8 in June 3rd... But from the last bunch of events you would have thought his birthday was a week long- This year I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he said anything that would blow his mind:)   So last week we surprised him with a day at Universal Studios- My pal from high school Casey Adams is in the action stunt show "Water World" which is one of the main attractions at the park- so he hooked us up with a full day of fun- We watched him in the show, which was awesome!  the kids shouted his name and were so excited when throughout the show Casey waved and pointed at them while fighting and shooting people-
  Casey does a back flip off this huge building thing into the water below, that was the topper for the kids! Then we got to stay and see  behind the scenes of the show- Thanks Casey it was super awesome!
The park also has the Simpsons area, which the boys almost had a heart attack when they saw it-
 they love the Simpsons!  
Treyton went on the ride a bunch of times -
along with some other crazy fun rides too- he had the best time-      
                              River was having fun too

Then  a few days later my brother's family came up for the weekend and took the boys to the Angels game- (Thanks to Grandpa Jim! we love you!!)
The women and babies stayed home but we had fun with out those noise makers! Thanks Uncle Nathan you are so much fun!

 Now finally we get to his actual Birthday- I made sure that Treyton woke up to lots of birthday fun, so I set up the kitchen table like restaurant and made menu's and put happy birthday signs everywhere- since we didn't have a birthday party for him I still had to get a little craftyness in there ! Vance spent the day before working so hard on his cards and wrapping presents- Thanks Vance!!!
Trey wanted to go bowling  
and out to dinner anywhere that they had Caesar Salad- (he gets that from his cuzin Joe;)
                                 no shirt in public... that's how Rivey rolls

I though 7 year olds were the most annoying... nope 8 years old are ! j/k
We love you Treyton Happy Birthday!!!!!!