Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 is great!

Our baby turned 8 in June 3rd... But from the last bunch of events you would have thought his birthday was a week long- This year I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate and he said anything that would blow his mind:)   So last week we surprised him with a day at Universal Studios- My pal from high school Casey Adams is in the action stunt show "Water World" which is one of the main attractions at the park- so he hooked us up with a full day of fun- We watched him in the show, which was awesome!  the kids shouted his name and were so excited when throughout the show Casey waved and pointed at them while fighting and shooting people-
  Casey does a back flip off this huge building thing into the water below, that was the topper for the kids! Then we got to stay and see  behind the scenes of the show- Thanks Casey it was super awesome!
The park also has the Simpsons area, which the boys almost had a heart attack when they saw it-
 they love the Simpsons!  
Treyton went on the ride a bunch of times -
along with some other crazy fun rides too- he had the best time-      
                              River was having fun too

Then  a few days later my brother's family came up for the weekend and took the boys to the Angels game- (Thanks to Grandpa Jim! we love you!!)
The women and babies stayed home but we had fun with out those noise makers! Thanks Uncle Nathan you are so much fun!

 Now finally we get to his actual Birthday- I made sure that Treyton woke up to lots of birthday fun, so I set up the kitchen table like restaurant and made menu's and put happy birthday signs everywhere- since we didn't have a birthday party for him I still had to get a little craftyness in there ! Vance spent the day before working so hard on his cards and wrapping presents- Thanks Vance!!!
Trey wanted to go bowling  
and out to dinner anywhere that they had Caesar Salad- (he gets that from his cuzin Joe;)
                                 no shirt in public... that's how Rivey rolls

I though 7 year olds were the most annoying... nope 8 years old are ! j/k
We love you Treyton Happy Birthday!!!!!!


Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

awe, he's so big! and what a lucky party party! give him a big belated birthday hug for me (and a hug for vance and rives too!!)

Violet Folklore said...

YAY!!!! This post brought Graham and I lots of happiness. "Anything that will blow my mind" is SO funny! I can't believe Casey does that.
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Are you bringing the fam up?

Danielle said...

wow! what a fun b-day-- i can't believe you have an 8 year old! i remember us being 8! lol btw, way to go casey--i wanna see his show!