Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stars and stripes

Hope everyone had a nice three day weekend! we had a lot fun on Memorial Day-  We played in our back yard from sun up to sun down- We spent the morning cutting out red white and blue stars to decorate the yard- 
 Treyton taught Vance the pledge of allegiance  and River slept for about four hours-  It was nice to do big people stuff for a change! We held our first Young family Memorial Day Olympics... which we call  YFMDO for short-  Trey and Vance tied for gold in the basketball toss but I blew everyone away with the distance of my slip-n-slidin-
River finally joined us and splashed around for a while everything was just so much fun... until River ..... cut his finger super bad I mean bad... I almost passed out with all the blood- any whoo after two hours in the ER with Daddy... my lil baby got 8 stitches in his lil finger:( He didnt even cry!)  I do have to say this is the first time we have ever gone to the ER for an injury and with three active boys that is a miracle-   Happy Memorial Day!


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Danielle said...

what a fun weekend! (minus the stitches of course) love this time of year!!!