Monday, March 23, 2009

Hangin out Desert style

A few weekends ago we went to visit my Brother Nathan in Palm desert- The kids were so excited !  The desert was only about an hour away - I rarely get to see my brother and niece Emily since they lived so far away before-
My brother is engaged to an awesome woman, Kay - She has a adorable  2 year old Daughter Evie - They all make the cutest family !!! Congrats guys!
I felt like I was on vacation with the palm trees and the warm air it was so nice to be there on a winters day- we took the troop to the Living Desert zoo- the boys loved it so much- The zoo has all plants and animals for deserts all over the world - Nathan's buddy worked there and took us "back stage" to see some cool stuff up close-  Thanks Nathan and and family for having us down !! we love you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going, Going, Gone....

So we did it!!! We moved !!  Thanks to all of our strong friends for coming over and helping us!!! We love you guys!!!!  and miss you already!

The drive was great the baby was perfect and slept most of the 8 and 1/2 hour drive!
It doesn't normally take that long to drive but Jeremy was in a huge semi moving truck with the big boys and I was pulling a trailer with our truck it was slow! :) but we were all so excited so it seemed to go by quick-

If you have never driven through california you are missing out.... we went from the ocean to the  farm lands into red woods into green rolling hills and then we drove by the most beautiful cherry trees just blossoming- they were super pink and pretty-  

We are now just getting settled here- since we are living in Jeremy's Grandma's house all our neighbors have already come over to meet us-  everyone wants to tell us how much they love Charlotte and miss her- And everyone is telling me I cant kill her rose bushes!  Trey started school ( it is just the next block over) and loves it-  and Vance will be going to preschool there soon too!   I am really enjoying being close to everything!  Ummm living near a Target rocks my rocks!!  

We miss all of our friends and family! and hope ya'll come visit us soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Last Supper

One of our last nights in Santa Cruz we spent over at our friends Tim and Linda's house they made us a radical meal thanks guys!!!! It was great cuz I packed all of our silverware and dishes:) Andrew and Jacqui were there too... of course I don't have to tell anyone who reads this blog about the connection between River and Andrew... they are ... very close:) as I looked at the pictures I took that night it looked like they were the only two people there so I cut down the pics to just two:)  

The next day was Treyton's last day at school his whole class  sat around him and asked him questions about him moving and they also wrote a little book about how much they will miss him... he had such an awesome class and teacher this year we were so sad to leave!

(his best pal Jaden)

(the Sophias are the coolest girls around!!!)