Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going, Going, Gone....

So we did it!!! We moved !!  Thanks to all of our strong friends for coming over and helping us!!! We love you guys!!!!  and miss you already!

The drive was great the baby was perfect and slept most of the 8 and 1/2 hour drive!
It doesn't normally take that long to drive but Jeremy was in a huge semi moving truck with the big boys and I was pulling a trailer with our truck it was slow! :) but we were all so excited so it seemed to go by quick-

If you have never driven through california you are missing out.... we went from the ocean to the  farm lands into red woods into green rolling hills and then we drove by the most beautiful cherry trees just blossoming- they were super pink and pretty-  

We are now just getting settled here- since we are living in Jeremy's Grandma's house all our neighbors have already come over to meet us-  everyone wants to tell us how much they love Charlotte and miss her- And everyone is telling me I cant kill her rose bushes!  Trey started school ( it is just the next block over) and loves it-  and Vance will be going to preschool there soon too!   I am really enjoying being close to everything!  Ummm living near a Target rocks my rocks!!  

We miss all of our friends and family! and hope ya'll come visit us soon!


Violet Folklore said...

I used to love driving those parts. Actually I always love driving through our beautiful Golden State, even I-5


Keep us all updated Alicia!

Love you guys, and I'm so happy you're happy.


Krystal - wife to Jason, mother to Noah said...

im happy to hear your drive was painless...i was thinking about you! i am also happy to hear the neighborhood is full of friendly people! (if you need tips on the roses, my mom is the master gardener!)

please tell all the boys i say hello and give um hugs for me! (and give a hug to yourself from me too!)

cant wait to see pics of your casa!

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it ok, it seems weird that your not here anymore! Mom says make sure you cut roses above a five leaf stem. We saw your old house on craigslist, pretty funny! Miss you and hope to see you all soon!!!

Give the kids a big hug and a kiss!

Andra and Mary

Danielle said...

i'm glad your drive went well-- it is wonderful living next to a target, isn't it! must be a stay at home mom thing! :)