Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Last Supper

One of our last nights in Santa Cruz we spent over at our friends Tim and Linda's house they made us a radical meal thanks guys!!!! It was great cuz I packed all of our silverware and dishes:) Andrew and Jacqui were there too... of course I don't have to tell anyone who reads this blog about the connection between River and Andrew... they are ... very close:) as I looked at the pictures I took that night it looked like they were the only two people there so I cut down the pics to just two:)  

The next day was Treyton's last day at school his whole class  sat around him and asked him questions about him moving and they also wrote a little book about how much they will miss him... he had such an awesome class and teacher this year we were so sad to leave!

(his best pal Jaden)

(the Sophias are the coolest girls around!!!)

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