Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stars and stripes

Hope everyone had a nice three day weekend! we had a lot fun on Memorial Day-  We played in our back yard from sun up to sun down- We spent the morning cutting out red white and blue stars to decorate the yard- 
 Treyton taught Vance the pledge of allegiance  and River slept for about four hours-  It was nice to do big people stuff for a change! We held our first Young family Memorial Day Olympics... which we call  YFMDO for short-  Trey and Vance tied for gold in the basketball toss but I blew everyone away with the distance of my slip-n-slidin-
River finally joined us and splashed around for a while everything was just so much fun... until River ..... cut his finger super bad I mean bad... I almost passed out with all the blood- any whoo after two hours in the ER with Daddy... my lil baby got 8 stitches in his lil finger:( He didnt even cry!)  I do have to say this is the first time we have ever gone to the ER for an injury and with three active boys that is a miracle-   Happy Memorial Day!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mommy's Day~

 I was thinking about all the roles I play so I thought I would write them down so you can see what goes into my job:)

I am a...
human napkin
jungle gym
party planner
hair cutter
ouwie kisser
animal noise maker
tickle monster
bath giver
book reader
hide and seeker
craft do'er
rule maker
rule breaker
hand holder
finger wager 
head shaker
hug receiver  
problem solver 
homework helper
lego builder
slip n slide master
lucky woman
After all is said and done, I am so proud to be a mommy of three interesting and beautiful little boys.. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world~
Happy Mothers Day to my Mama!!!
I hope everyone had a beautiful Mothers Day 

Monday, May 4, 2009

3 cotton candies, $8... 4 carnival rides, $10.... seeing American Idol cast off Justin Guarini perform live, Priceless

Hello everyone!! so Upland Is shaping up to be quite the happinin town:)   a couple weekends ago we had the 12th annual Upland lemon festival -  They close down our cute little down town, there is a little carnival and booths from businesses from all over the Inland Empire-  We had every intention of going but as soon as I heard that American Idols Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini
 were performing it became a duty  to attend!  I wanted to buy Justins cd (yes he has a cd I think I saw it at the $ store :) to have him sign it and make a shirt that said   I love Justin.... but I was afraid Jeremy wouldn't be seen with me- I am not a huge American idol fan but I did watch this first season where Justin went up against Kelly Clarkson.. well we all now what happened there- 

The kids loved the festival and when it came down to the concert they wanted to go home- I was on a mission to see Justin- so we stayed- Kimberly came out and sang, I felt like Simon Cowel was right, this sounds like  bad karaoke - but she wasn't who I was there to see-  Finally amongst the 40 cheering fans ( 1/2 were sleeping babies in strollers) Justin joined Kimberly on stage for a little duet- I took so many pics but for some reason they all came out blurry, lame-
Kimberly stepped off stage so the "headliner" could start singing every slow 70's and 8o's R&B song imaginable-
As I stood there right near the stage I couldn't help but feel bad for him- here he is in a town most people didn't even know existed  while Kelly Clarkson is like #1 on the charts selling millions of records touring the world- but at least he can share his music with the people here in Upland- As his set continued on I saw my children getting restless so we started heading out and right there was Kimberly Caldwell sitting near the stage - Jeremy was like go get a picture with her- so I waited a min really cuz it would be hilarious to actually meet her-  she was talking to some little girls and saying no I cant sign any autographs right now I am busy.... busy?! doing what singing Melissa Ethridge songs badly?! She is lucky anybody even wants to talk to her at all- I turned around and we left the "celebrities" to finish the concert-