Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have been busy!!!!

Well here is anther wrap up since I am such a loser and can't sit and post weekly-
gosh where do I begin...  we had a great New Years.. my mama came and spent a week with us- I didn't want her to leave it was so much fun- we had absolutely nothing to do and we loved every minute of it!

 River changes his mind about the sand everytime we go.. this time he didnt care for it too much:)

River is walking!  well... he walks, well..... he takes numerous steps gets really excited cuz the whole family claps and sceams and then he sits down- But he will get from point A to point B and we are so proud- 

We are movin!!! We will be heading to Upland (Southern Cali) hopefully the last week of Feb~ This is a big move for our lil fam, although we will miss our wonderful friends and beautiful family , we are really excited for the adventure! We are planning Rivers 1st birthday party for Feb 15 here in Santa Cruz so that might be the last time we will see some of you for a while- We will however be spending a lot of time this summer up in Tahoe for various reasons, my 10 year high school reunion (yikes) and my best pal Aly's wedding and a trip just cuz i will miss my mommy;) we promise to keep in touch with everyone (Trey would love some pen pals!) and I will update our blog so check it for Young family news- and if you are heading down our way let us know... we will have room for sleep over guests! We send our love to all of you this wonderful New Year! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's the reason for the season~

Merry christmas!!!!!! This post is wayyyy late but we have been busy! The kids had a wonderful christmas! On Christmas Eve Jeremy told the boys about Joseph,Mary and Lil baby Jesus~  the kids wanted to know more about Christmas ~ Man Trey has lots of questions and wants lots of answers~  He wanted to know  where Santa fits in all of this.... I ended up looking on the computer the next day for some answers about that! what did we do with out the internet!? We had a quiet christmas morning highlighted with Santa coming and bringin Vance a Fish.... ( Vance named him Ninja Turtle) that for his own safety lives in the kitchen!     
Later that day we had dinner with Jeremys family, it was awesome of course~ I missed not going to Tahoe and being in the snow but it was so nice being with Family here:)

Thanks Martins, Papa and Tutu and  Auntie Andra and Uncle Claudio for the thoughtful gifs!!!!