Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Boy

(inside is River Bowie 9 months)
It was a year ago that this little guy was just in my belly and now he is out yelling and walking and laughing- I can never explain how much I love this little man- although he was supposed to be a girl.... :) j/k !!!! He makes me smile everyday no matter how hard things get- He is our family's little red haired mascot- Jeremy jokes that he is my boyfriend.. but he really is:) he is my lil partner and I don't know what I would be without him-  I am grateful everyday  for all the boys in my life   :0) 
River 4 days old)

On Rivers's birthday we went out to dinner with our  friends Niles, Merrissa and Emily- 
we had such a great time! Thanks so much for celebrating with us!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blame it on the Rain....

Hey ya'll ... with everyone being sick and the move only a little bit away we had to also have Rivers 1st birthday party- We tried to be Eco Friendly this year and had a "Green" theme- That means little or no waste and using recycled products~ We did a good job with it !

(We had everyone plant lil gardens to take home) 

When I planned the party I knew there was a chance it would rain but I thought... hey a little rain wont hurt us at the park.. we're not made of sugar we won't melt~ Little did I know that the day of the party would be the heaviest rain storm we would get all winter! So long story long... we moved the party from the park to my house.... for those who dont know how small my house is just imagine the a  matchbox... and now put 30 people in it:)  it was cozy! It ended up working out it:)  - I looked around at the all the people who came to celebrate with us  - We felt so loved! 
So... of course the rain was bad and the house was small and River at the peek of the party... fell asleep~ oh well! When he finally woke up he wasn't to excited to see a billion people staring at him singing happy birthday and me shoving cake in his face:)  but isn't this just how a first birthday is supposed to go?! 
Over all it was a success~  Our friends and family are so great, we are so lucky to have all of you.. even though you all made a point to tell us you think we are making a mistake by moving:) We still love you! We will visit we promise!!
Thanks to Everyone who came!!! Thanks to my Mom, Nicole and Phil for all your help!!!