Monday, May 4, 2009

3 cotton candies, $8... 4 carnival rides, $10.... seeing American Idol cast off Justin Guarini perform live, Priceless

Hello everyone!! so Upland Is shaping up to be quite the happinin town:)   a couple weekends ago we had the 12th annual Upland lemon festival -  They close down our cute little down town, there is a little carnival and booths from businesses from all over the Inland Empire-  We had every intention of going but as soon as I heard that American Idols Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini
 were performing it became a duty  to attend!  I wanted to buy Justins cd (yes he has a cd I think I saw it at the $ store :) to have him sign it and make a shirt that said   I love Justin.... but I was afraid Jeremy wouldn't be seen with me- I am not a huge American idol fan but I did watch this first season where Justin went up against Kelly Clarkson.. well we all now what happened there- 

The kids loved the festival and when it came down to the concert they wanted to go home- I was on a mission to see Justin- so we stayed- Kimberly came out and sang, I felt like Simon Cowel was right, this sounds like  bad karaoke - but she wasn't who I was there to see-  Finally amongst the 40 cheering fans ( 1/2 were sleeping babies in strollers) Justin joined Kimberly on stage for a little duet- I took so many pics but for some reason they all came out blurry, lame-
Kimberly stepped off stage so the "headliner" could start singing every slow 70's and 8o's R&B song imaginable-
As I stood there right near the stage I couldn't help but feel bad for him- here he is in a town most people didn't even know existed  while Kelly Clarkson is like #1 on the charts selling millions of records touring the world- but at least he can share his music with the people here in Upland- As his set continued on I saw my children getting restless so we started heading out and right there was Kimberly Caldwell sitting near the stage - Jeremy was like go get a picture with her- so I waited a min really cuz it would be hilarious to actually meet her-  she was talking to some little girls and saying no I cant sign any autographs right now I am busy.... busy?! doing what singing Melissa Ethridge songs badly?! She is lucky anybody even wants to talk to her at all- I turned around and we left the "celebrities" to finish the concert- 

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