Thursday, April 16, 2009

The visit

Last week my mom came to visit with us~ 
The kids were so excited to see Nana!!!!  I got to show her around my new hood~ I actually got to play with Vance without a baby in my arms! She even got to see and hear River walking and talking!  he says a bunch of stuff like.... Shoes and Tee Tee (for Treyton) and the phrase.... this is cheese... we don't know why he says that but it sounds cute! 

We also got to have dinner with  my Grandpa Jim-
thanks G-pa!!!!

So after a week of her playing with the boys, cleaning and folding laundry (the last two she insisted on doing!)  she flew home Thanks Mom for all the fun!!!!!!!


Danielle said...

oh how nice to have your mom visit-- r u guys liking so cal? you look super cute, btw ;)

Violet Folklore said...

This is cheese!!!

The pic with grandpa and you and the boys is seriously AMAZING.