Thursday, June 18, 2009

schools out!!!!


The last week of School was fun for Trey... after coming into this class more than halfway thru the year, Treyton learned  a years worth of new math (in three months) - and made the Honor roll (one of four student in his class!)  We are so proud of him!
(This is all of second grade!)

The weather has been gloomy the the last two weeks so it doesnt feel like summer... and not having the beach down the street ... makes it REALLY not feel like summer- But what can ya do, right-  At least the sun is out now and we will be hitting the triple digits soon enough- all I can say is............. sno-cones and slip n slide!!!!!!

We are going up to Tahoe  twice and Santa Cruz twice and we are going camping so we have a full summer planned... and before you know it school is in again- 
Hope everyone has a great start to their summer!  Hope to see most of you soon!


Danielle said...

we have had lots of rain too! it sucks when all we wanna do is swim! :( good job treyton for making honor roll! :)

Cis said...

How cute is he? We are proud of him , but knew he would catch up quick. He's so smart! See you guys soon. :)