Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calling All Angels

Well I finally got to join my boys at a baseball game- We thought hey why cant all of us go? well..  It worked out great the Big boys were so good and River was so excited by the cheering and music he just  danced and sang and then fell asleep- It ended up being a pretty good game- I don't know anything about baseball but these two teams were tied for first and since the Angels won last night... I guess the Rangers are in second.. sorry  Texas! I got friendly with the usher.. a 78 year old woman named Edith (I always find the senior friends) - she couldnt have been more adorable she loved the boys- she asked me if we were going to try for a girl- I was like ya right... with our luck we would have another boy! She said she had three boys too then they tried for a girl... she then had twin boys ! ummm that is my nightmare..  That put to rest any talk of any more babies! the risk is too high:) I love my "four boys"  that is plenty for me!!


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Danielle said...

such cute pics!!!