Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Cruz!!!!

Ahhhhhh.... The Beaches of Santa Cruz.... we missed you so- The only thing we didn't miss was how cold you are in July!!!  

So The Young Family Five made our way up north after 6 months of being away-

Our first day there we went to the beach with the Martin and Harris families- it was super chilly but the group found a great way to warm up.. beach football- It was awesome... kids big and small were tearin up the field! 
When we left the beach we made our way up to the Longs new house! It is beautiful guys!  Thanks for having us and feeding my crazy family!! Noah you are so big... thanks for letting me cuddle with you!

After that fun day/night we had the ultimate Santa Cruz Gathering! we called on all our friends to meet us at the beach  so we could see everyone at once... great plan you say... yes it was... although I didn't get to catch up with everyone as much as I would have  liked and I did ignore my children  (not on purpose:) We had the fire blazing... I didn't want the night to end- It was so amazing to see how many great friends we have- I miss you all so much! - The boys said it was the best night of their lives... they love their friends and cuzins so much!!!   I want to thank our friends from SF  and Oakland who came down you guys are so sweet! I hope it isn't another 6 months before we see all ya'll again!!

( I wanna thank Adrienne for taking most of the pictures here.. well all the good ones I mean:)

We had to go and watch the surfers at the light house- we would walk there almost every Sunday when we lived here- it was nice to come back :)

Towards the end of our trip we had a family dinner and slumber party over at Jeremy's Dad and Step Moms house- 
It was so fun! Mary's cooking is the bomb!
River loves Luke more than anything.. and Luke is the best dog ever.. he just let Rives do whatever to him!

We wanted to thank everyone who came out and saw us while we were visiting and we wanted to Thank Jack and Mary so much for letting us crash at your house and for feeding us! We love you guys!

Oh ya ... I wanted to Thank my friend Alex for the pool party with Spanky 
And My auntie Laurie and Uncle Lyle for having us over as a pit stop on our way up to Tahoe from Santa cruz thanks so much guys!!!

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