Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tahoe Yay!

The Youngs Headed up to Tahoe For Aly's wedding and we ended up staying a week and a half Jeremy flew home early so I stayed at my moms and beached... it was so nice! Since we were there my nephew Alec stayed with us too and just so happened my niece was in town from Palm desert- so we had a full house of kids! I didnt want them to be bored so we had "camp" all week- (the kids named it)
 we played games and did crafts, the Yoga classes were everyones fav though:)

There was this awesome hail/ rain storm the kids played in for hours

Rufus loves to sleep with the boys

The week also landed on my sisters birthday we had a BBQ for her, my Grandma and Uncle came up to celebrate

We met up with Amber and her family at the river- We love Mycie... she is too cute! ( Amber we love you too:)

On my last day I left the big boys to take a hike with my dad and caught up with my pal Gloria at the beach with the baby... he slept the whole time...
then off to lunch with Nicole and Sarah... it takes coming to Tahoe to see my friends who live 45 min. from me... 

 I packed the Truck and piled in my niece and three boys.... I won't say that the 8 hour drive was easy.. I will say it was memorable... and I will also say.. I hope I never have to do it alone again...

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