Friday, August 21, 2009

These are a few of our favorite things....

Ahhh.... This summer has been such a great one! We have been traveling all over California since June and finally had some time at home... then the kids got bored!  so I gave them an assignment...  I told them to take the camera and take pictures of 10 things they loved and tell me why they loved them... *note Jeremy was out of town or he would have been in all the pictures!*

Treyton Empire loves...
My sunglasses cuz they are white and cool

My Legos cuz I can build all day and not be bored 

 My pogo stick cuz it was my cousins

My I-dog cuz I love to dance  

Pirate flag... cuz Pirates are awesome

My webkin "Chili Dog" Cuz it is 
the closest thing to a dog that I can have (so dramatic!)

 The Star Wars picture... cuz It's Star Wars!!! 

the tree in the back yard cuz of the shade 
it gives and the baby has his swing on it     
The ceramic hand I made in Art preschool cuz I got to make it all by myself and my hand was so little then

   My brothers cuz even though they are loud and annoying and take my stuff ... they are fun to play with-

Vance Lennon Loves...
 My Red Wagon cuz I can pull the baby in it and fill it with dirt-

  My Webkin "Sophia"... Cuz Sophia gave it to me

My fish "Ninja turtle" cuz she grew up to be big                        

  My scooter cuz this might be the last summer I use it

 My skateboard cuz I like to learn cool tricks like a real skateboarder who gets money to skate

The fisherman cuz it shows us when it is really windy 

The lizards cuz there are a million that live here and I catch them all day but mommy makes me free them

My bat and the grass in the back yard cuz my daddy plays with me

The leaves cuz they are green and shiny 

when mommy sings to River cuz he sings too  


Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

that was THE ALL TIME BEST BLOG i have ever read. your boys are amazing! how fun! what a good idea mama!

kathleen said...

so cute Alicia : )
I almost want to give Nick the same project. But then he'd just take pictures of his PS3 and Madden games. psh. ; )

A My Name Is said...

Excuse me?! Cutest ever! Love it-very good idea and it will be fun for the boys to see it when they are older :)

Danielle said...

i love this post! what a good idea! i love how kids notice the simplest things! :)