Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

After a year of anticipation the day was finally here for my pal Aly! After a awesome rehearsal dinner so yummy and fun,  I spent the night at Aly's parents house with the bridesmaids - The day of the wedding was filled with getting our hair done and being pampered... thanks Wendy!  The day went really smooth, Aly was so calm and collected... not that I was surprised... she is nothing like me:) She even asked me to do her make up .. I was very honored!  We got ready at the Church , she looked absolutely gorgeous! a perfect bride! The sweetest part was when her dad, Kerry came in the room... they cried and made everyone else cry-  The ceremony was sweet and Aly and Bret looked so beautiful together.. but the real fun was at the reception- It was held at Wendy and Kerry's Beautiful Tahoe home not only was it just perfectly scenic but easily one of the most fun receptions I have ever been at- Great food great friends great fun!- We danced all night long-   

(this is Kathleen on the right, she took most of the amazing pix!)


Congrats Aly and Bret... The Young Family Five Love you!

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