Sunday, September 6, 2009

The children are our future....

Hey ya'll !

Treyton started 3rd grade!!  He is loving school so much... his school has turned into a "Smart School" which means every child has a laptop and every  class has this thing in the front of the room the size of a chalk board that is actually a computer screen.. you can write on with with special pens and it is linked up with the teachers computer.. I am not explaining the awesome-ness that it really is though:)  we are the only school in the area with this new technology - I cant wait to see how this takes learning to a whole notha level! 

We are already knee deep into homework and learning:) and Treyton seems to be loving the challenge... he has a fundraiser he has started and is super excited about it.. 
the more items he sells the more he could win some amazing prizes!  If you would like to help raise money for our school we would  really appreciate it!  It is super cheap! You can go to this website and take a look-  (click shop online now)

 If you find anything... when you  are ready to check out just fill in Trey's info into the space on the right

Treyton Young
Sierra Vista Elementary 
Upland  CA

*The last day of ordering is Sept 14th*

I would never post something like this if I wasn't fully behind it... Our school is so awesome and we are so lucky to be going there- these fundraisers help fund our kids education!!! 
Cuz.. Like I said.... The children are our Future.... :)  Thanks!! 

P.S. we will owe you big time...and promise to support any fundraisers you have:)


Danielle said...

3rd grade???? i remember us in 3rd grade! how can you have a 3rd grader?? lol

Anonymous said...

I didn't see this post until now!! I didn't get a reminder to check it out....sorry we missed the fundraiser. I remember that one...we are doing magazines right now, which, isn't too bad! Miss that third grader bad. Aunt Heather