Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Into the Mystic...

Our families have lost a few important people these last couple months... First I lost my Grandpa Wayne.. He was an amazing guy always making me laugh, he was full of love! My Grandma Sandy is doing a great job truckin along and we want her to know how strong we think she is xoxo!!!
Then Jeremy Lost his Grandma, Charlotte... she lived a great long life and we are making sure to take good care of her roses!
We miss both of you very much!

This last weekend we Celebrated a life that was taken a bit too soon... Lee Draper lost his battle with Leukemia on 9/9/09
We went up to Santa Cruz to attend his Memorial- Lee didn't want anything sad and it sure wasn't! He had planned an all day music festival on his beautiful property in Scotts Valley- Sue, his wife made sure it was a day filled with music and love from his close friends and family - It couldn't have been more beautiful... Our friend Tim organised a house band that played some great songs thru out the day-
Tim and Linda performed a perfect song (no pic.. but it couldnt have been any sweeter)
Lil Matt and Bill Abraham got up there and sang their hearts out -
super cute!!!!

even Jeremy and I got up there and sang.. ( with River in tow of course)
it was fun to be a part of the day:) Jeremy blew everyone away with his performance of Into the Mystic... Jeremy originally was going to be up there all by himself but the house band just happened to know the song and accompanied him... it was magical and perfect! I am searching for a video of it that I will post cuz a picture just doesnt capture how great it really was! Plus later He got to jam with the house band!

(Jeremy in right corner playing)

We spent the day roaming around the spectacular forrest home that Lee and Sue Draper created together- It was overwhelming to see so many people there to celebrate one man... but from talking to all those people I see how important each and every friendship was to Lee-

The Big boys were running around all day with all our friends... they had such an awesome time finding frogs and playing in the creek and pond- I could tell it was fun by how dirty Vance's clothes were!

We were so glad we made it up to spend time with Jack and our good friends (we miss you guys sooooo much)

(the old NSV crew:)

(the pals are back together just like old times)

It was a great day and I know Lee was smiling down...

We send all our love to Sue, Matt, Mandy, Kelsey & family!


kathleen said...

things like this are always sad but, it's good to see there was happiness in there. : )

Jig said...

yeah...these days, gwen totally performs with kingston in tow...the similarities are uncanny

Danielle said...

wow! sounds lie you guys made a sad day happy and uplifting-- you are so good about getting great pics!!

S said...

I got a video of the tail end of Jeremy's performance... (only a few seconds because I was too busy soaking it up in person to think of documenting it). I'll get it to you if I can get it off the iPhone.

It was truly and unforgettable way to remember Lee.