Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Young Boy's Break down...

Lately the big boys have been helping so much... they want to get River out of his crib in the morning and push him in the swing- Usually when the house gets quiet that means trouble is a brewin... but lately I go and find all three of the boys sitting together and just hanging out- I look at them and imagine what it will be like in 10 years when Treyton is at college... when I imagine that, I have to also remind myself to go back to this memory of the boys sitting small to tall playing-

Treyton continues to amaze us with his smart brain, and silly personality,we are so proud of him!

Vance is in the stage of asking us the strangest questions ... oh how that little mind works;) He would stay outside from morning to night if we let him, collecting bugs and lizards and making little homes for them- He is really liking soccer - it is a really good sport for him cuz running around is his specialty!

River is talking up a storm... my favorite things he says are... Trech (Vance) di do (thank you) da com (you're welcome) he says lots of things plain as day but I love when he thinks he is talking and it sounds like another language-
He has grown really scared of the vacuum.. I don't make it any easier cuz I laugh when he runs and hides, but it is hilarious! He also is a big pretender and will pretend to be asleep but if he is tired at all he will actually fall asleep.. anywhere on the wood floor face down... on a pile of laundry... in the grass... he is so funny:)

Well we miss everyone and hope you're all doing well drop me a line sometime so I know you are still out there!
love ya!

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Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

awe, i miss you and all your boys!!! woo hoo for smarty pants trey and all those 100% vance and noah should run together, noah no longer walks...just runs! and river and noah should speak chinese to cracks me up how seriously they talk to you in a totally foreign language!