Sunday, October 25, 2009

the Young family Five looooves October!!!

First we decorated our front porch... Vance helped me out a ton!

Then we headed to the pumpkin patch.. I do have to say I missed the ocean being in the distance but this pumpkin patch was pretty awesome- on a farm in a town called Apple Valley .

The muffin pumpkin

There was the most elaborate Corn maze I have ever been in... no I am not kidding we were in there for 45 minutes! It reminded me of "The Shining"... thank goodness it wasn't snowing *yikes!*

The boys had so much fun trying to figure out how to get out but River decided to try the easy way and kept running thru these holes in the bottom of the corn... perfect size for him.. but as we chased him we would get hit in the face with corn... he is so sneaky

We finally made it out and the boys wanted to do it again... ya right!

River loved talking to all the scarecrows...

Then we carved our pumpkins... Rivey did a good job supervising and keeping us happy:)

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!!


Krystal: Wife, Mom, Former Sleeper said...

a) super duper decorating! i am so not up to par on the whole "mommy decorating" thing yet!

b) love love love the first pic of the 3 boys walking down the pumpkin path! (even though there is no ocean view!)

c) cute dress

d) you look super cute in glasses (and with your little apron on)

e) I MISS YOU 5!!!!

Heather said...

OMG!! Love the "Caterpiller ride" pumpkin. Brilliant!! That should be on a tee shirt....hmmmm. Christmas is around the corner....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought it was a mustache ride! Either way I love that pumpkin too! I can't believe how big the boys are.
Miss you!