Monday, September 21, 2009

Love, Love will keep us together....

Kay And Nathan
September 19th,2009 Palm Springs Ca.

This weekend we celebrated the marriage of my big brother and his lovely Bride ~
Despite the 100* plus weather, we had a beautiful time in Palm Springs! We had the greatest dinner and good music and to top it off everyone got to go swimming!
The ceremony was perfect ....their vows... couldn't have been sweeter... I have never seen my brother so happy;) we are lucky enough to not only gain a new sister/ daughter /aunt in law but we get a adorable new niece Evie... ummm I couldn't love her more! Hooray to the happy new Family!!!

Yay Uncle Phil "the baby wrangler"

Alec and the Flower girls Emily and Evie

Best Man Uncle James and My Bro

my new niece Evie

Kay and her dad Joe

The best Mexican food ever!!

The Ace of Cakes... baker Nicole!

Our Dj for the night

My baby cousin Molly

Every single one of the Grandchildren!

The Party was over for these two!

Everyone worked so hard to make this day happen- the Whole family got involved... Thanks to my parents for everything you did, Nicole for the awesome cake,Uncle James for your lovely house, Nancy for the beautiful flowers, Jeremy for the music, Joe for the perfect ceremony, my kids for not jumping in the pool til it was time:) and everyone else who made this day so perfect!

We wish Nathan and Kay
love and luck on your new journey together!!!!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness....those boys and those ties! Too cute...can't WAIT to see you.

Meg said...

I LOVE it! Everyone is so cute! what a special day! xoxoxo

Danielle said...

what great pics! love your dress and your boys are so handsome with their lil ties! :)