Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vance is a pre-schooler!

Vance started Pre-school!!!!!!!!!! I do have to say we were equally excited about the day~ We had a Orientation yesterday to get the feel of him actually being in this type of setting~ Our Teacher Susun (who was also Trey's pre-school teacher) took to Vance right away she pointed out that he was full of energy and eager to learn... she is so positive~The school is super awesome very "Art-ie" and very "Santa Cruz" Today as we drove up Vance said ok mom see ya later! I was like ummm I have to at least walk you in ~ We got him in the class and he didn't even look back~ 
I would have been sad if Trey did that but Vance is a different kind of kid he never really "needed" anyone! I watched from the other room while Susun sat the kids down and told them their lesson was about Van Gogh and were going to make little wire chairs~ So after dropping one more kid off into the real world, I headed home to a quiet house with a quiet sleeping baby~ It was just what I needed! When I went to pick Vance up Susun told me he did really well- I think he liked it cuz he didnt want to leave~ He was sitting with this cute little girl painting and he was mixing up all the colors and the girl said she never liked to mix her colors- right then Susun said there are two kinds of kids in the world, those who like their colors separate and those who like theirs mixed... and Vance is amazing at making the color Brown!!! I think she gets him... ya know not many people do:)


Jig said...

before the year is over...vancey will know how to make the Macaroni Midler!!!

The Longs said...

YEA for Vance! Yea for "art-ie" santa cruz schools and YEA for quite mornings alone!

i can't wait to see the stuff Vance puts together throughout the year!

Nourished Mother said...

How cool!
Mycie and I visited the sweetest little day care place today. It is called The Children's Farm and they have chickens and the kids planted edible organic flowers in the spring and the building is all greened out with super awesome toys. AND the people who run it are our age with two kids of their own! So awesome. She starts next week!
Hello alone time! (Yeah right, hello piles of dirty dishes).