Monday, September 8, 2008

Food,Films,Friends.... Fabulous!

Last Saturday was the first ever Young Movie night~ it went so well! We had been trying to get this going since May! We had a huge turn out! But for everyone who couldn't make it... You're in luck cuz we are planning another one next month~ I was busy running around so I didn't get pictures of everyone that was there ;( but I will next time for sure!                           
There is a baby in there!

We had a great BBQ (wonderful  food!) and when it got dark we projected the movie "The Jerk" on our garage on a "special screen" (thanks Jeremy)  with tons of popcorn and licorice, the kids we loving it...
   of course Vance ran around since he had to "get his energy out" (he told everyone that:) This is one of our fav movies and  a lot of our guests hadn't seen it in a while~  my big boys were ready for bed mid movie But River was  into making sure I walked around and didn't watch any of it;) thanks Rives~
Finally he gave up and fell asleep and I was hands free (well sorta)
We said good bye to some while the crazy ones 
stayed til about 2*ish! 
If Treyton and Vance woke up they would have seen all the boys playin on their slide!
 all these guys are 30 by the way!

 We have such great friends!!!! We feel so lucky!!! Thanks for making the Movie Night a success~

Thanks to Niles for hooking us up with the projector ~ 
To Tim for your BBQ skills! Linda for helping me with the baby!
Jacqui (always my right hand man) for helping in the kitchen! Thanks to Andrew for the *Jungle Juice*
Thanks to the big cuzn's Joe and Hannah for wrangling my boys!
and thanks for all the great food and drinks everyone brought!
     Krystal wins the best food award along with the coolest dish... and the cutest baby!!!
Thanks again every one can't wait to see all of you next month!!!!


Nourished Mother said...

First things first- LOVE your dress.
This looks like so much fun! You guys rock. The Jerk is so funny :-)

The Longs said...

awe, that was so much fun! and looks like we missed even more fun when we left early :) next time, we are totally staying!

ummm...the pic of me with a beer and then all my utensils and napkin stuck in the baby carrier is funny!

we were still smiling super big and laughing in the g'night picture too! too funny!

The Longs said...

ps- love that the EMPTY pasta bowl picture made it to the blog! LOVE IT! still waiting for my certificate though ;)

Jig said...

so, i read this blog last week, but how in the world did i miss the song for this blog??? wow...didn't Casey Kasem play the ghost of friendship past in the episode...
for putting on this song, this is why you are the best gwenie *tear* ahahahahah